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Well there was this one time long ago when Americans got very drunk and gave women the right to vote. Shortly after the women came together to have alcohol outlawed and it has been downhill ever since.

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Funny how it was all the ugly ones.

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It's always the fat uggos that wield any power they come across like an iron fist.

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It isn't. Their strategy is to divide the population and control it. They divide whites and non whites. They divide people on gender and create other social constructs to further sub divide them. They divide people on social ideas. They divide people based on wealth and money. They divide people on nationalism. The strategy is to divide. Misandry is only one aspect.

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To be fair that's also the strategy of the Republicans.

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Both sides are controlled by jews, mate. D&C is what they do.

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And democrat and republican is another divide used to keep the population split.

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Agreed. All political power is obtained this way.

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Replace the word Republicans with democrats and you've got a true statement. I haven't heard any Republican states govenors spout bullshit like " If you're not a liberal progressive democrat there's no place for you in ny" like Andrew Cuomo. I left soon after that, fuck communist democrats. You'll reap what you sow.

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Once they realized two truths.

  1. Most women are absolute morons.

  2. There is no number 2.

Democrats: You have the freedom to believe exactly what I tell you to believe.

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Why are there no women in e-sports? In a field where men do not have any physical advantages like muscle mass or bone structure, women should be equally competent. League of Legends had Team Siren and they treated as a big joke.

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Check mate females.

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It's not the only strategy, they also have racism and stoking class warfare.

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You seem to be forgetting virtue signalling.

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No, it is much simpler than that. It is all about dividing everyone into groups while they consolidate power and control. Look at all the groups the dems play and give favors too. It used to be blacks, homosexuals and women voted dem, and that was it. Now, they have sub-groups with very little overlap between groups with muslims being the only one not subdivided. I'm sure they have plans to subdivide that group, and that's when that group will bite back.

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I dont think they do any more...i wont get involved in a race war and no one wants to fight another banker war. Whoever is running american politics fucked up big time

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You seem to be getting up to speed on the divide and conquer tactics used to control Murica, now let's talk about the scope and the source. See, it's not just men vs. women, but a lot of different plays. https://imgur.com/a/JmrMQ (imgtc isn't working this morning) In fact billionaire Peterson spends large to push boomer vs. mills. Now I know that a lot of y'all aren't ready to go all that way, but just think about it. Did you see the massive expansion of H1-B visas that both parties inserted in the budget 2 years ago, late at night? And what happened yesterday? Trump backs off sending them back to Pakistan while Murican IT guys are unemployed and getting shit wages if they work. All the while Trump be spouting on about a wall for you to eat up like tools. See 2/3ds of illegal immigrants overstay their visas and don't jump any border. So the sexism play isn't the only play to distract us. Now the headline attributes these plays to those nasty Democrats. Puuleese. It's not a left/right thing, it's a top/down thing. In fact the left/right thing is just another play for them to get us to fight among ourselves every four years. https://imgur.com/a/zfIJJ This shouldn't be much of a stretch since the "swamp" isn't just a Dem swamp, but a political elite swamp.

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Make that white misandry. They will never achieve anything until they stop blaming every single problem on white males of European ancestry.

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If they achieve something, there's no need for them anymore so that will never happen.

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Because it's one of the few points left that people are still squeamish about attacking.

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Cause they think they can just toss aside the natural order of things.

This has never worked.

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