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Pemmican and Hard Tack will last 20 years without refrigeration.

Prepare it, pre-portion, and seal into bags with a vacuum plastic sealer.

It's cheaper than manufactured bullshit with no chemicals. All that is left is to sort out your drinking water storage, and filtration.

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and be careful on telling people to seal things in vacuum bag, and leave them at room temp. If not done properly it will promote botulism. not a good thing.

TY. I store mine in a deep freezer.

Edit - Could you get me started on the information related to the nutritional breakdown ~5 years? I don't doubt it happens, and it has me interested on following up.

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Hard tack is pretty low nutritionally to start, you'll die of malnutrition trying to live on that alone

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Nice, gonna try this.

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Great thing about pemmican is it will show you exactly how hungry you are.

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Watch a few different videos on the subject and you will learn from others mistakes. I made a few test runs with small amounts before I did anything that a required large investment.

And pre-portioning, and then vacuum sealing into bags makes it much easier to deal with.

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I made a whole bunch of this ten years ago. I mean like shit loads. It's still good. Well, it's eatable, not necessarily good. My kids eat it all the time though.

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Voluntarily(?: cause kids are gross), or cause they like it?

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When that guy in the Pemmican video says "meetiss" he is mispronouncing Métis, which is pronounced may-tee.

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Eye Metis. Eye.

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i can last at least a month.

my neighbors are weak so i plan on killing and eating them

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That’s the spirit- and theyre probably fat too.

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they are and plus they called dog catcher on my shepherd n pit so i wanna kill em anyways

(in real life i do not want to kill em but wish theyd move)

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hahaha I fucking spit laughing. You funny

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lol i often wonder how they felt when they woke up and their meds is gone

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“Where did all bread disappear, I do not really know, maybe they have taken it all abroad. The authorities have confiscated it, removed it from the villages, loaded grain into the railway coaches, and took it away someplace.

They have searched the houses, taken away everything to the smallest thing. All the vegetable gardens, all the cellars were raked out, and everything was taken away.

It was so dreadful that every day became engraved in my memory. People were lying everywhere as dead flies. The stench was awful. Many of our neighbors and acquaintances from our street died.

…we tried to survive the best we could. We collected grass, goose-foot, burdocks, rotten potatoes, and made pancakes, soups from putrid beans or nettles. Collected gley from the trees and ate it, ate sparrows, pigeons, cats…and dogs. When there was still cattle, it was eaten first, then the domestic animals. Some were eating their own children. I would have never been able to eat my child. One of our neighbours came home when her husband, suffering from severe starvation ate their own baby-daughter. This woman went crazy.”

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dang thats brutal

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You really don't want their diseases.

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no shit they do look sick

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(pro tip, cook meat well)

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First rule: Never disclose your assets.

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Good rule of thumb but some random estimate of time posted online is hardly a real disclosure.

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Time can give a pretty darn good estimate of supplies.

Calories are math.

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Second rule: always disclose your assets on an anonymous forum.

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Third Rule: use a fucking vpn, and reflash your routers with https://openwrt.org/

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I'll be looking like a Sudanese in a drought year in 2 weeks.

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Well. I have well/septic, so that's all good. I have a generator, and ~100L of fuel (~140hrs). If I rationed that out to 4 hours/day, and siphon the fuel from my Jeeps (~100L), that would last 3 months. With stored food, and abundant small game/fish in my area, depending on time of year, my family would be good for 6-9 months. Without hunting/fishing, three months.

edit - I completely forgot about my garden. Assuming I can grow food as well as hunting/fishing, indefinite survival.

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Funny how we used to just “survive” in the manner you just described (hunting and fishing and gardening) as an every day occurrence and now we have to actually think about doing it to save ourselves from what we’ve done to this world. It would be so nice to have simpler times.

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That's what I'm doing to an extent. I've dropped out. I garden, fish, work on my Jeeps, and home school my sons. It beats the shit out of working 60hrs/week. Lucky for me my wife is a high paid professional, she works 3 days a week to cover expenses. It's worked out that she didn't work until the kids were 11/12, and I'm taking over for the teen years.

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My grandfather, in his mid 80's now, told me that when he was a kid, it was his job to go out with a gun and bring back whatever he could hunt. He said that everyone he knew back then had to hunt in order to put meat on the table.

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No, no no. We have a higher standard of living than any other time in history. You can go back to simpler times if you want, I'll stay here in the present with computers, the internet, and not dying a painful death before 30 of preventable disease.

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simpler times? well besides having to buy it from the state and having 36 liscences and an entir epopulation who wants you jailed and fined for disrespecting some statist rule, sure.

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That assumes you don't need to go anywhere in the Jeep.

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Yes. But the scenario is a bug-in. I have bicycles, and an e-bike for short range travel (40km round trip or less).

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Here, not good, but I would be bugging out, and there, it is good for at least 2 years.

Edit: to expand; well water, generators and 500gl of propane, 250gl of diesel, 30 sheep, many guns, much ammo with reloading setup, a ton of wildlife about (elk and deer herds included), decent neighbors, lots of trees (Oregon is great there), mountains nearby providing great water as well as lots of snow.

Honestly we could be self sufficient indefinitely, but I say two years of ease with no need to work hard to find food.

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Not long. The house is a target. If shit hits the fan, I won't be at home waiting for someone to come a take all my shit. Odds are I'll be far offshore with no one else around for as far as eye can see.

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Good plan, watch for pirates though.

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shh my plan was to be a pirate

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Shit I hope someone tries me on my home turf.

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Amen to that, same here. Our house is comprised of far too many big giant windows and sliding glass doors; pretty impossible to make strategically secure properly.

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Not enough and not very long. I need to stock more food, have an alternative power source, stock more fuel, and stock some water.

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