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Theres another layer to this. I read a book called 'In the realm of the hungry ghosts' written by a doctor who specialises in addiction treatment and he describes the way the brain forms as a kid and how the way you're raised contributes to your dopamine receptor levels.

He says that what researchers have found is that a good relationship with your parents, but your mother particularly (he really emphasises the role of the mother) providing you a loving environment when you're little stimulates the formation of those receptors. The result being that people who come out of that environment feel satisfied and happy with relatively low levels of dopamine release (ie.lots of receptors reacting to a little bit of dopamine= feelsgood), meaning they don't have to do much to stimulate it. ie. they don't need loads of gross food or drugs, alcohol etc.

On the other hand people who have lower level of dopamine receptors require much greater levels of stimulation to produce higher levels of dopamine in their brains to get the same effects. A lot of people this means that they take a shortcut through using things like alcohol and cocaine to flood their brains with dopamine, except in the long run the brain naturally compensates by further reducing the number of recepters and you get into the vicious cycle of addiction.

so all that stuff you talk about is obviously important but it seems like there is an even more fundamental level which is just having a mum that loves you and is there for you, with all the dual income stuff going on now is a bit of a worry.

Also on an anecdotal level I was a teacher for around 5 years and it seemed pretty noticeable when kids had their mum at home taking care of them. They seemed a lot more relaxed and even-keeled, I noticed that before I read the book so it wasn't just confirmation bias.


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Good for you.. I lasted 7 years as a teacher fucking hated it with a passion. Let my certification expire and never even thought about renewing it.