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Will it include being able to slash-left and slash-right to make bad choices in life?

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You can even slash up and down to make a super bad life choice.

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That just dulls the pain of having to live with rich parents that love you and set you up for a prosperous life.

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'PierceTheVeil666' (6kms away) Wants to make a suicide pact with you

[ ] - Creep.

[X] - What-ever.

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Now that's a good idea. Emo grass is the best grass.

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I don't know man. The grass would probably blast emorock 24/7

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Just don't take it over state lines!

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Funny, but doubtful. Emo's don't date. They either grow out of it, or have info on hillary.

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Our Time (to die)

Black Wearing People Meet

My Terrible Romance

fuck I sound like a redditor but I thought they were at least kinda funny

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You forgot the best one.

Panic! At the altar

And of course

Death of a bachelor

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My kid calls it, "Dipped in black", as a fashion statement.

They had no idea what to do with their Melonie Martinez t-shirts after the lesbian rape allegations. The "victim" played the "yes-doesn't-mean-yes" card and my 12 year old is so confused by this millenial bullshit.

I keep asking, So this accuser is a failing musician, right? Does she have anything to gain by her accusations? Oh, she has a new album coming out? You don't say?

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*Melanie Martinez. And you're a great father for using this as a teaching moment

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21 Pilots has to perpetually play on the home page.

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TøP isn't emo. Use my chemical romance, P!ATD, or imagine dragons

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Nobody has a clue what emo music was anymore.

Try Lostprophets,

Story of The Year,


3rd Eye Blind,

Taking Back Sunday,


Static X,

The Ataris,

older Black Tide stuff.

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is MCR emo? I always just considered them as rock or alt-rock. They dress fairly punk with the exception of Black Parade (being obviously thematic rather than goth for the sake of it)

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I agree with MCR, but Imagine dragons?

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I love emo hair on girls, I hope it makes a comeback.

Emo hair on guys looks pretty cool too!

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On guys it looks gay. Everything looks good on good looking girls.

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I would love if there were a place to keep all the emotionally fragile people busy with themselves.

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Pretty much

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