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They claim to have done it, but AFAIK never provided any proof. All they want is attention; we need to stop giving it to them.

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Not to just the hosting company either, but to PayPal as well, which is why their account is frozen and they can't accept PayPal donations at the moment.


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It's like Westboro Baptist Church. The only correct action is to ignore them.

Or, to put it another way, the only winning move is not to play.


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I wish more people understood the strength of non-action.


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SRS and SRD are the cancer that have been killing Reddit for a long time. They're immune to the rules because the admins like to play in there too. Even the CEO. And yes, Voat got reported for CP to PayPal and I wouldn't be surprised if the hosts were notified as well. Voat was also DDoSed. I wouldn't be surprised if the same groups were involved in that as well. They're 4chan without "not your personal army".


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Typical SRS, total losers who'll do anything for attention and validation in their own shitty echo chamber.