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I don't know about carpentry, but for sure they'd crucify him for healing without a license.

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Jesus walks in to his appointment at the local trades guild and asks for a manager so he can go about renewing his life as a carpenter in a new world.

waggles his hands around at the manager

"Joo hweel gif me carpenter license now no treening"

"I told you yesterday Speedy, get your wetback ass outta here before i call ICE"

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Jesus wasnt a carpenter it was his dad

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Jewish tradition was that the son learned the trade of his father if he was not a torah scholar. Now Jesus very well could have been a torah scholar, but if he wad not, then he was for sure a carpenter. He for sure didn't start his ministry until he was 30, but that was Rabbonic tradition so it had little bearing on if he learned his father's trade or not. There is a high probability that he did and was a carpenter at least as a hobby.

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You don't need a license to call yourself a carpenter. Only plumbing and electrical requires a license. That's why you find many illegals working carpentry, masonry, landscaping, ect. The owner of the business needs to get a CSL "construction supervisors license"

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Water to wine.

Humans are 70% water....

...... Just saying there are ways.....

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Jesus is resurrected...............
Sees what the world has become...........
Says fuck it, moves to the desert, spends his days turning water into wine

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Jesus was never a carpenter. As a boy/teen, he made two journeys with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea to England, where Joseph had business interests in the tin trade at Cornwall. https://www.express.co.uk/expressyourself/47392/Did-Jesus-visit-Britain

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That european-looking picture of jesus more closely resembles Pope Alexander's son, Caeser Borgia. Probably just a coincidence though.

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They'd string him up and call him a communist.

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