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Finding a new, better paying job. If I'm pissed off or stressed on a daily basis, or the new job is just more interesting I'll take a lateral move. But generally my only condition for quiting is finding something new with better pay. Even if I like my job, I will leave for better pay.

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Last week it was not paying me before i went to bed on pay day, rather than 5 days afterwards and fucking my life like it did the fortnight before and the one before that. Oh and something about paying my fucking super, witholding tax, and sending me a payslip. Ya know little things like that. The extra spicy kick in the balls was ringing a mate who had a job offer for me and finding out its about 2/3rds of the legal minimum after i.... pay the fucking tax and super that his boss isnt doing either while still giving his boys literally min wage under the fucking table. (Jesus fucking christ thats not even the right way to DODGE THE SYSTEM what happens when none of your employees have 'paid income tax' and all point fingers at you you dumb motherfucker)

They failed again. Fuck you world, im having a week off with the door locked and shut before i get back to my world domination thingy.

On a good day id pull a number out of my ass and throw that at them, see what they say. The higher you go within some kind of reason and remind them you dont need another job thanks the more likely you are to come up with a decent figure. GET IT THE FUCK DOWN IN WRITING THO. EVERYTHING. DONT SIGN THAT MUTHAFUCKA TILL YOU SEE IT IN THE CONTRACT.

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I've never really 'quit.' I have given my notice.

My criteria has always been that I have another job before quitting.

I eventually owned my own business. I have fired customers, because they weren't worth the money or because they had been gravely disrespectful to my employees. You can disrespect me, not my employees.

So, I guess, it'd be when I knew I want being respected, my reports weren't being respected, or my peers weren't being respected. I'd still probably put in notice and have another job first. I had a family to feed.

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I think I have strait up quit two times. It's been a long time so I don't know why I did the first time, but the second one was just purely about respect. Guy put his hands on me, not in a threatening manner, but one that really was massively disrespectful and I was, luckily, in enough control of myself at the time to not knock him out.

I do have to say that I can appreciate your position of requiring respect of your employees. My current boss holds the same style (although he's a complete incompetent idiot asshole, he does get that correct). I have a tendency to put in my notice fairly fast if my manager does not have my back with customers.

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If a customer disrespected my employee, their company had one opportunity to make it right with my employee - to my employees satisfaction. I have no qualms about firing a customer and it was a rider in every contract we had after the first incident.

I opened my business in 1991 and sold in 2007. It's telling that I had zero employees leave without giving notice and doing an exit interview. I take some pride in how I treated those who worked with me. I only call them employees because it is shorter. Really, they worked with me - not for me. Without them, I'd have had nothing. I hired them because I needed them. If I didn't need them, I'd not have hired them. I treated each one like that.

It disgusts me what the industry has become. I was a scientist but worked in tech. I modeled traffic and wrote things like the algorithms today's software uses. The tech industry has become a horrible shadow of what it used to be, and yes I employed plenty of females and paid them accordingly.

Don't even get me started on salaries.

I'd not recommend most people get into tech today, I really wouldn't. If you are, be very smart and get into AI. Otherwise, fuck it. I see the horror stories and I don't know what happened. I used to employ passionate programmers who did things like refuse to commit any more code until after I agreed to give up my commit privileges. Trust me, I can technically write a program but you don't want me to. Their decision was for the best AND I respected it. I don't think that'd fly in any of today's companies. They'd all be fired, or not have had the courage to stand up to me - and we'd have been worse because of it.

I'm rambling but I write this because others may read it.

The hardest part was learning to let go. It was just myself and a comp sci guy, at first. All the code was mine and he mostly handled the hardware side. Real comp sci, not programmer comp sci. This was 1991 and tech was the wild west. This was my baby and learning to let it go was hard. Learning to not micromanage was hard. Eventually, I realized that I'd hired good people because I'd wanted the best. I learned to shut up and listen because I'd hired experts.

When I type this out on Slashdot, I get asked if I'm hiring. I'm retired and there are a few companies left that trust their employees. Look for the small ones and ask lots of interview questions. Remember, you're interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you.

Sorry for the long post, but I figure I might as well include all that in case someone else is reading this and is in a management role. Learn to trust your employees, treat them with respect, insist others treat them with respect, and learn when it's time shut the fuck up and listen to the experts you pay to be experts.

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A new job.

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Simple enough. So you don't have anything holding you to your current one?

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I used to work as an engineer in a big company. But I didn't really enjoy my job, during the day every minute seemed like an hour, the salary wasn't good at all that's why I decided to quit. I found one reliable recruitment company here http://essentialrps.com.au/ in Melbourne, AU and they helped me to get a well paid job in a week or so. Now I work as a contractor and I'm completely satisfied with my job!

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I gave three montha notice last week so they could find someone for me to train as replacement. I figure no matter what I am making or how much I enjoy my job I will do some jail time and lose my job anyways if I beat the living shit out of my boss. Havent talked to him in two months cause we both know what is coming if he says fuck all to me.

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What lead up to that. Just a boss being a dick, or was work rolling down the pipe that bad and he was forced into fucking you over.

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Construction is a merit based industry. This guy got his job by being friends with the owner. He doesn't do his job and everyone else has to daily scramble and drop everything to pick up where he fucked us. When he is here he treats people like shit on his shoes.

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Other than something better? I once worked a job where a new policy forced me to get a poop done in 5 minutes. I quit that job as soon as I had the chance.