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Whatever the leading conventional finance authorities say about it, do the opposite. I haven't thrown my hat in the ring but it makes me happy to see them nervous

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This. If it is a jew scheme, why are shills and jews against it? "Muh no real value" shills btfo

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If it's a Jew scheme, it's a Jew scheme directed at those that don't like the Fed. It's very possible they created it to bleed out those that dare to make their own currency. They are merely complaining to lie because they know it'll signal mania if they keep saying "it's garbage" then it hits 100k and they say "oy vey this is actually good" and everyone buys and that gives it the boost to 1 million then they crash it.

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The dollar has no real value. Like bitcoin it only has the value we give it.

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No one knows who made it and you cant even hold it in your hand. Furthermore its currency that is only as good as an electrical outlet, an internet connection and scumbag online merchants who take it.

Its a scam.

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It isn't anything more than an unregulated stock market really. Speculators could crash it tomorrow and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.

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No one knows who made you and we can't hold you in our hand either!

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Due to limited supply BTC and other crypto have a very volatile nature. Right now we're in another hype-cycle aka a bubble. It wont die and crash to zero, but if you buy while everybody else are, you'll get burned.

Instead start reading up, learn about it, and then do some cost averaged buying in some months.

And no, it's not a ponzi scheme. It's a prototype for liberating us from the chains of centralized jew controlled banks. Bitcoin may have failed at doing that, but the basic blueprints are out and there's better solutions being worked on. I have no idea which one it'll be in 10 years, but I'm sure it'll change things a LOT.

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I'm annoyed that I listened to my cunty ex girlfriend and didn't buy when I wanted to in 2010.

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It couldn't be a worse month for me to be strapped for cash. Had to bring my little guy to the ER, wife just started a new job and the first paycheck is all fucky, and I don't make enough on my own to support us all.

And, I probably can't afford Xmas presents for anyone this year because of a perfect storm of events right now. I would love to throw $100 into this and just see what happens, but I can't risk a dollar right now.

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Buy like 4-5 packaged toys then hit the thrift stores.

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Can it be both? Fake it until you make it, kind of thing.

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Cashless = Tracking

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Well, how do you feel about money?

Do you think the dollar is a ponzi scheme? Or the key to liberty?

What is the difference between a piece of paper that is assigned a value and a piece of data that is assigned a value?

Neither bitcoin or dollar can really respond with something else for what they say they are worth.

In any case, bitcoin could be the most capitalist, because it value depends directly from offer and demand without the intervention of anyone.

What I would do in the short term is buy low, sell high. Don't use it as a long term investment. The real issue with bitcoin is that takes a lot of energy to do a transaction, and the amount is increasing, unless they change the algorithm this will reach unsustainable rates eventually.

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