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Self driving cars get hacked often enough to cause traffic jams in most cities. Best Korea still has no night life and stomps on the ground for attention. China moved manufacturing to the Congo to save on costs. The Internet's average cost is $1000 per month, for cap-free broadband. Obesity has mostly vanished since they were chosen as a new source of fuel, for when carbon emissions are desired. Bitcoin and all digital currency were deemed to be a form of gambling and were outlawed. Ford brings back the Pinto in China where they don't realize it's a piece of shit.

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behold the prophet

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Abdul, a mixed-race offspring from The United Nations district #197 (formerly New York City), goes to school today. She learns again about how evil Donald Trump's reign was, which ended only 23 years ago. Abdul's gender neutral and feminist teacher explains how the rise of Trump led to the death of 666 million jews in the world plus various small amounts of other minorities, mostly in warehouse-sized ovens set up by white supremacists who believed they were the master privileged race.

A'ishah, a peer of Abdul who's penis was turned inside out at the age of 2 when she touched a fat-positive gender neutral barbie, says one of her four gay legal guardians said the 666 million could be false before she never saw him again. The teacher immediately expels A'ishah for double anti-semitism.

Abdul wonders where her classmate would end up as she enters sex ed class, which shows a blonde woman being gang-banged by all black men again. After the film ends, she takes her free pre-lubed dildo and heads to health class to receive her mandatory and rectally-administered life saving flu vaccine.

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that was awesome

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There are still a few types of hardened bacteria on the surface and in the air. The top of the oceans are also functionaly devoid of most all complex life, but below the light line, life still thrives. Octopi have gained sentience and are "coming out of the caves" so to speak, and begining to form complex societies with specific functions for different members of the groups, building complex structures, and more - - they're telekinetic and extremely horny. Luckily, humanity isn't around.

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I would but ever since the mass extinction of ocean life in 2025. I died of starvation in 2027.

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World President Musk is the front man for the anti christ who actually reigns. Elderly whites. The few left have become quite the nuisance suicide bombers armed to the teeth with guns they buried in secret decades ago. most people are illiterate and use tablets with heiroglyphics to shop and communicate. The Constitution has been overturned for being racist and Arlington is being paved over for a mall. Math was declared racist and only a select few are allowed to study it. Everyone has a forehead or hand chip implant. It is not only ID and debit chip but also a tracking device and capable of inflicting pain for the misbehaving. Sports, music, cinema, dancing and education for women has been outlawed because they distract from contemplating Allah.

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Arlington is being paved over for a mall

Totally unbelievable. No new malls are being built, they are all going away slowly.

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By mall I meant muslim gathering place

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Most big corps are gone. City walls have come back, travel outside cities is once again risky unless you fly. Manufacturing is now extremely local, so is medical care. 3D printing + nanotech. If AI isn't doing it, telepresence from Pooland is. Men and women have separate districts to live in and only fuck their sexbots. Reproduction is done via cloning and artificial wombs. Banks are gone, everything is cash only again, no credit.

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It's interesting that all of the replies so far have been views of a dystopian future. Is there any hope?

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The rise of automation has resulted in a serious movement springing up for UBI, and its actual implementation. Combined with the wage depression caused by immigration, it is basically impossible to get a job anymore, and even those with jobs are hardly better off. This creates the most wealth inequality ever seen in American history. Government regulation and the severe loss of jobs has led to the unofficial de-facto nationalization of many companies - creating a strange, semi-feudalist society. Crime rates are soaring due to a severe case of multiculturalism, and with every increasingly strict gun law passed, they continue to go up. Having a family is pretty much unheard of due to the financial stress it causes, and people are depressed, often living solitary lives, doing the few hobbies that haven't been regulated and aren't too costly yet. Due to environmental regulations driving costs of gasoline through the roof, almost every single car on the road is electric and self-driving. The manual, gasoline-powered cars of yesteryear are rare, and often seen as a status symbol. Governments 'round the world have declared internet access a human right, and thus every American citizen is entitled to a smart phone with internet connectivity. It's not unusual to see people with genetic modifications or implants. Thanks to taxpayer-funded health care, it's often the only luxury most people can afford. The Northeast Megalopolis has finally combined into one single city, where a significant chunk of United States citizens live. Hackers are routinely featured in the news - cyber crime has gone absolutely through the roof, with hackers popularly targeting government servers with stored information on millions of individuals at a time, in attempts to sell fake identities to the highest bidder. The average man of 2050 is unhappy, bitter, and hopeless - without a means of bettering himself, he sees no point in the future.

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sounds like 2017

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