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President Donald Trump tweeted this message this morning, at 7am. He's only done one other tweet so far all morning.

Also, this happened.

Multi-agency, gang roundup in DC? MS-13 being rolled up?

Tick tock....

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Reading all of the replies to his tweet. Man, those liberals are petulent children. I mean, they're grown adults, but they're insulting Donald Trump like they're all in high school. They have no maturity whatoever. What are these people doing with themselves? They are losers.

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They are losers.

Grown ass man words.

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Hard to read all those comments. Like you, I can't believe that these "responsible" adults would speak to the President the way they do. Millions of these vermin deserve a good stay in prison camps to teach them a little respect. Spoiled children get the rod.

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If you're referring to the sealed indictments, it's not MS-13. They've already been getting arrested, so it would be pointless to have sealed indictments for them. Sealed indictments are only useful if the people you're aiming to arrest aren't already aware of your intent.

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tick tock on the clock but the party won't stop