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All drugs need to be legalized and offered in clinics, to be used within the clinics, where rehab can be offered and administered. With rehab, you can get a job as well. ....not sure what political organization would claim this be their own, but if would benefit everybody, regardless of affiliation, I know a lot of young turks leftists would probably try to claim this as their own, maybe not these days though, might be too implicitly pro-American. Did I lose my bonus points?

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Nah, great post bro.

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Ya this would also destroy the mexican cartel problem and a lot of the illegal immigrant crime. It would probably end up stabilizing mexico. Government and intelligence agencies make too much money off those drugs and use it as a form of control....

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Portugal has one of the most progressive and kind-hearted drug policies in the entire world - probably why details from it are not wide spread in NA. It counters the idiotic war on drugs with actual data instead of passion-based rhetoric.

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a *productive society ?

Are they going to be productive either way? Are they going to get their drugs either way?

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Was going to say this, but only for marijuana. The harder drugs present a bigger problem for a society that I can't hope to encapsulate in a comment here. The current instantiation of the war on these drugs is ineffective and needs to be rethought. But free and liberal use of things like heroin is a bad thing. Its one thing to talk about basic freedom in a society, but another to talk about allowing degenerate shit to run rampant.

For example, I don't want to walk into town and see prostitutes on every corner. I don't want heroin use visible and open around my kids. Whenever you talk about strategies to allow for marginal freedoms with these types of things, it just leads to more and more questions. How will it be administrated? If we allowed free heroin use, what regulations do we install to prevent it from happening in public, or for regulation on distribution? Its difficult.

Marijuana on the other hand is no more dangerous than any of the current legal drugs at any party store.

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You shouldn't be forced to use marijuana in a clinic. You should be able to grow it at home with no problem. My statement did not apply to marijuana.

And Im not talking about free liberal use of hard drugs. Im talking about legal access to safe drugs where people can also get the support they need, and it can be completely controlled and used to initiate rehab. Take away power of drugs from criminals and give the power over drugs to professionals who can help solve the problem.

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'Democrat' here, for the most part, gun control just takes guns from lawful citizens. I'm not gonna say that I am for no gun control, but what we have in the most conservative states seems fine and reasonable to me. Everyone should have the right to own a gun unless they have been convicted of a violent crime against another person. Anytime someone sees a guns, the left want to ban all guns more dangerous than a BB rifle. Also, there's no such thing as having too many guns. If someone wants to collect Desert Eagles and AR-15s, that's their business and money.

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An armed society is a polite society.

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Did you come up with that yourself? It's good.

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I agree and would also argue that a lot of divisive issues have a reasonable middle ground. Though reasonable doesn't buy votes, and it doesn't sell ads.

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i was just coming here to say that .... ever notice how reasonable gets tossed right out the window. its because big money can be made supporting the extremes of both sides. its a truly fucked world that we live in that either side panders to the extremeness to get massive support .

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With respect to @piratse, why are you a Democrat? I used to be a democrat until I started studying economics, history and rhetoric now I'm firmly a national conservative err Republican.

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I put Democrat in parenthesis because I didn't vote for Hillary and their reliance on identity politics is pushing me away. I believe in individual liberties like 2 people of the same sex being able to marry each other and abortion. Without going into a debate on gay adoption(that's another issue separate from marriage), why can't a bunch of gay men start up a Holy Church of the Cock and perform weddings? I was/am strongly against the war in Iraq. Not that its matters anymore. I didn't like the thought of unnecessarily putting our troops in harms way. At least Obama would just use drones.

The abortion issue is really the main one that keeps me from voting Republican. If they didn't have policies that were trying to force religious views, I might vote for them. Of course, the Democrats are starting to feel like they practice some new religion that I don't know about and are trying to force their beliefs with legislation as well.

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the left want to ban all guns more dangerous than a BB rifle

Just try even using a BB gun legally without going to a range or having a friend way outside the city.

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Pretty much only abortion. If some shithead wants to have an abortion, whatever. Sanger invented the movement as a soft genocide against blacks. If the left wants to spearhead that, have a blast. All from the moral high ground, too. Impressive. Myself, I'll stop short of endorsing or participating in their sneaky genocide. But I'll also be "pro choice" and an "Ally" or whatever.

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In fact I think the government should encourage nigger abortion. I bet it will reduce crime rate.

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You should read Freakonomics by Steve Levitt. He has a whole chapter arguing for that last point.

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I've always thought retards should be aborted. I know, I know, the argument turns in to where to draw the line, but when it comes to shit like downs or cerebral palsy and they can't even fucking move/talk on their own, they're just a hassle for any potential person involved.

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The part of Sanger wanting to genocide blacks is actually wrong. Though I'm not endorsing Red Ice TV (because there is a lot about this channel that I don't agree with,) however, this video will clear up this rumour. It's about 17 minutes long, I suggest you watch the whole thing to get the full understanding.

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because there is a lot about this channel that I don't agree with,

Like what? I've started to enjoy their videos but I've only seen a handful.

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Planned Parenthood (which she founded, right?) acknowledges her racist, borderline genocidal history

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I'm pro open borders.....for Israel.

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Let's see if I win this thread with the most fucked up views.

I agree with Muslims on women and fags. Women need to be put in their place which is nowhere near being in authority over any men at all period. They need to be at home, tending the home and children. I think the Muslims are onto something and there's a good chance they'll beat us all just be sheer numbers and their ability not to be hindered by brain dead cunts mucking up everything.

Feminism is the downfall of Western Civilization in my opinion. We've allowed too many women a voice that they didn't earn. They are a liability in government. Look at Europe as it's being trashed and overran by the policies of one retarded woman.

Fags pushed it too far. This gay cake thing from Colorado at the Supreme Court soured me against fags forever. They've got to go. Sign me up for lawn darting them off of tall buildings if it ever becomes a thing. We should make a game show out of it with targets on the ground to hit and prizes.

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I agree with you 100%. I wish I can give this 100 upvoats.

Muslims get some things right. Things that relate to women and fags.

The great traditional white christian culture is very similar (and similar to traditional culture all around the world), but then the progressives had to destroy that greatness with their degeneration. And yes, feminism is the downfall of western civilizations.

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If you go around killings the g@ys they will hide in plain sight. Just like they have done in the past. They will marry straight women and reproduce. When they turn 40 or so they will come out and say they are g@y. It has happened time and time again.

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I see no problem with this. Things you do in private don't bother me at all. Just don't be a faggot and try to convince everyone it's normal and okay, because it's not.

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im actually not sure (because of the reproduction aspect) but i think i would prefer "hiding in plain sight" to the HIV-dildo parades we have today......

@lexsird what do you think? i didnt disagree with your "fucked up views", maybe im fucked up too :)

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i'm just gonna' use a link a goat posted the other day as an example of a redpilling tool. https://www.nytimes.com/video/world/asia/100000004108808/the-killing-of-farkhunda.html

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I'm pro-life, across the board, while Rs or Ds are only pro-life on some things.

For example, Ds say "war is bad, stop the killing" but really don't ever stop. In fact, they mean, "less AMERICANs dying in wars." Killing those "others" is fine and dandy. (See Clinton high-altitude bombing Serbia and Obama drone killing people all over the world. Extra bonus points for cruise missiles into restaurants, Mr. Obama!) But are OK with scrambling the brains of a viable fetus.

Then Republicans say, "We are Pro-Life, no abortions." Start wars? Fuck yeah! What do you mean, wars aren't "pro-life"? We are totally saving American lives by bombing remote villages in Pakistan or having Israel steal more land while kicking off the Arab owners with impunity, and then killing their families if they try and fight back.

Don't even get me started on the idiocy of the death penalty.

So, yeah, the only person I know who is actually "pro-life" is me.

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I'm on board for universal pro-life, but what should we do with the psychopaths that we don't have the tools to fix? Stick them in a prison culture where their propensity for violence will flourish, affecting the lives of prison employees until they die? I think we should just admit that we cannot yet rehabilitate these people, and send them on the chemical lobotomy express, or just put a bullet in their irreparable brains.

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A question from another perspective - Would you do the same for a murderer who had cancer? Or a broken arm? In your mind, why is a mental disease OK to murder/kill someone over, but not a more physical manifestation of an illness? Shouldn't a person that mentally ill be given even more attention, rather than less?

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We have rules against cruel and unusual punishment. Our prison system is for correction. When correction is impossible is it cruel and unusual to keep them there forever? I think probably.

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Spot on, man. Despite that I am pro death, I nonetheless agree wholeheartedly.

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Would you care to explain how killing another in punishment or revenge is OK for the state to do, but not OK for a jilted husband, a cheated business partner, or parent of a murdered child to do? Shouldn't these be equal in moral terms, at the very least? Shouldn't a parent of a murdered child have even MORE right to kill than the state?

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I like the idea of universal free healthcare.
Obama are doesn't seem to work, the Canadian state is flawed as well.
I don't remember anything negative about the German system, but it has been a long time. Some country must have figured it out somehow by now

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Open borders and a welfare state don't work.

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Correct, one or the other. Never both.

Eliminate the welfare state, and all the discrepancies disappear in terms of "protected classes", "illegals", and every other victimhood. Open the borders. If we can't handle the flow, they'll go home. As it has always been.

Or close the borders. Welfare state? Sure, we can handle our own. We're good. Add a few millions/year in extra mouths to feed, no, we can't do this.

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Neither works.

As long as niggers are infesting the "state," everything doesn't work before you fix the nigger problem. The nigger culture, this includes the likes of white nigger like Eminem.

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I think the best system long term, theoretically, is almost zero regulation, no insurance, treat doctors like any other business. Though this is speculative, it is how many countries ran for centuries.

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The US figured it out, before hospitals had to provide free healthcare to criminals and the government monopolized doctor accreditation.

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A lot of doctors, even most doctors in rural areas, are eastern European and Arab. They don't pay their doctors enough to get enough German doctors.

It's not an unsolvable problem, and the German system is by far the best system I've had experience with, but it's not without its issues.

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Having public use spaces and public libraries or museums are a great use of tax money. Having a space to take your kids that isn’t your house with a place to socialize, read, learn, access the internet or other interactions is incredibly valuable.

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