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These people's medicine cabinet has to be the size of a fucking pharmacy to be this delusional. They all obviously said good riddance to their mental health long ago.

They have all become a parody of the mentally insane religious fanatic screaming on the street corner about the rapture.

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They are trying to get ahead of the scandal in Hollywood; will blame Trump at some point for being prosecuted. Spielberg is a big giveaway


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I keep getting this really sinking feeling that they are setting up Americans that believe in themselves and their country over others to become the new definition of "Nazi" that will need to be eradicated. I try to believe it is all just interweb hearsay and most people in real life are reasonable and can think logically.

But I have to admit I have some older redpilled acquaintances that are starting to be turned by the libtard propaganda that is MSM. It is basically systematic brain washing at this point. Same message everyday all the time. Glad I got rid of cable 5 years ago, and pretty much stopped watching TV. But I do expect a day where I will be wanted and persecuted most likely jailed and hung just for believing in my country and people.

Things Americans should never have to say for 500 Alex.

Wow, that is one thing I thought I would never say or have to even think about.

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Who dresses like that? Blue jeans, black vest, black suit jacket, and a pink shirt..?

What a faggot looking piece of shit.

Do they make coffins for two? I know of a couple of scumbags who desperately need a box ASAP.

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None of these people have any idea what's going on. They're just talking heads.

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Well, they're in the entertainment industry, which is fantasy. What great things would they have to say about economics, and the political climate?

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I am fairly certain a young Meryl Streep brog-knobbled Weinstein, and I bet poor MockingJay got some weird-smelling cum on her tits.

Now this world they gave up so much for is coming apart. That sense of security they got by trading their beliefs and their bodies is showing its cracks - and that's not "light" leaking in through them. It's something much thicker.

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Yeah, after all this shit came out, it kind of explains some people's careers. Jennifer Lawrence definitely banged her way to the top. I mean, she's not good looking. She kind of has an obxnious personality, and her acting is so-so. What explains her success? She fucked around to get roles.

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The Pentagon Papers was the case of Jew exposing the truth about the Vietnam war.

What chance would a Goy have of exposing the Jewish conspiracy to drag us into Iraq under W. Bush?

The Jew Spielberg is making this movie because it has a Jewish hero.

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"We are on the way to something better," says Meryl Streep of the recent "earthquake" of harassment claims and female empowerment that has upended Hollywood, which many view as a direct response to the Trump administration.

Holy fuck. They can't even leave Donald Trump out of something for a second. Christ almighty.

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The people that worship them and watch The View more than once a year have painted Trump as Hitler. Deflecting and projection are what keep these people hidden in plain sight, they've used the same trick to start wars

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The title is kinda click-bait. He never said anything about Trump. Spielberg just said he's afraid of how divided the country is. You know, the vitriol, and hatred, and violence.

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Spielberg is most definitely /theirguy/; the Hollywood/Washington DC incest were immune from prosecution then after election day that seemed change... now they are 'scared'

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