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thats not really the case. in reality they dont give you the money to make what you want because your ideas arent kosher.

the dicksucking thing is overblown in all the wrong areas. for every weinstein theres a roger corman or a richard donner who want money more than blowjobs.

t. Hollyjew goy

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Well you kinda have to since they own your music and do with it what they want while you get less than 10%.

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doesn't an indie scene already exist for this?

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indie to me means has been told repeatedly for years is utterly talentless but daddy is rich enough (or someone else is stupid enough) to give them the money to do it anyway.

this is music yeah, but just because the Doors were an awesome band doesnt make Jim Morrison any less than a fucking lazy trust fund cunt.

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The indie scene is just the major label dudes ugly cousin. Ya still gotta blow someone.

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I can't wait for all the original movies and music - so fucking tired of rehashed "originals" being redone in some SJW bullshit context.

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You could be in for a long wait. It is the feminists that are kicking the produces out. Originality will have to wait for men who want to get rich by commissioning art that people will buy getting into power.

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But think of all the emotional trauma they now have to draw on for their crying scenes.

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You'll still have to muff dive a fat feminist.

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It's already happening with music. Thanks to the internet artists have more control over their own music. Once you needed (((them))) to distribute and we've outgrown that now. Home recording on your lap top, advertising online and growing an audience through social media has made them unncesscary

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Recommended any non gay bands? Always looking for new music.

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I lean on the heavy side but I'd say Off!, Valient Thorr, Gojira, 69 Eyes and Bible of the Devil are a good place to start

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What if I told you that you never had to do that?

Just get the equipment yourself and make your own movie/music.

The only thing special about hollywood is the population density of people interested in film-making, there's no reason today why people couldn't collaborate to make a film, music, or other media over the internet.

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Oy vey, what a bleak world that would be!

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