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It rhymes and it fits and it hurts feelings. Perfect!

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I haven't had the chance to hurt anybody's feelings with it. I am missing out.

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Soy has estrogen in it. Male SJWs act like women and eat a lot of soy. The soy is disrupting their hormones and making them even more beta than they would have been naturally. Soyboy is a good description and fun to say.

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Being a sedentary "skinny-fat" with a diet consisting of 80% carbs has a much higher impact on test and estrogen than a little soy. Most S O Y B O I S are just DYEL junkfood eating soft couch potatoes.

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What difference at this point does it make?

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Yes, I too have noticed a remarkable muscle growth since I moved to eastern europe, increased my meat and beer intake and crushed some puss :-)

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Over the years I've read reports and historical anecdotes of the phytoestrogens in hops affecting males (moobs on hops harvesters, etc.). The regular bar and pub flies I have seen around the world add weight to these.

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Did you get more arm/chest hair? I did.

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Most beers contain phytoestrogens too because of hops.

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close, but it has phytoestrogens in it. this is similar to what you said but it also turns girls into raging dykes.

normal consumption is harmless especially when you have a good bit of meat as well. however when people go full "save the animals" mode and eat no meat, while also replacing EVERYTHING they eat with soy, it starts to fuck with the human system.

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I'd like some sources on that estrogen claim.

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Cuck was gettng old

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And "cuck" implies that they have a woman in their life.

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Not necessarily, if they have a fat sjw gf then they are automatically cucked

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Thank fuck it only took Voat 2 years to realize this.

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It took 2 years for it to get old. Are you mad because you got cucked?

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Hi Cuck!

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▼O▲T: We're All One Person!

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Never sounded good to me, although i am not american so it might be just because of that.

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Are you from an english speaking country? Cuckold was an old word that was rarely used but it reentered regular use a few years back when cuckold pornography was showing up everywhere. Ten years ago cuckold porn would have just been labeled as swinger porn or something.

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i dig it

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Because its catchy, like herpes.

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It's fun to say.

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Its a more family friendly version of cuck

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