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Women getting the vote was the beginning of the end for Western Civilization.

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The implication that the left originally spread was that women needed to have the right to vote on the grounds that no woman could trust their patriarchal men to vote in their interest.

Implying that men are neglectful of their women.

The reason that's bullshit is because way back then (y'know, before broken dysfunctional families became the modern standard) families used to take care of themselves and family members genuinely cared for one another! husbands cared for their wives and looked out for them, as well as taught the sons and comforted the daughters while the wives cared for their husbands and taught their daughters while comforting their sons.

The reason a woman didn't need to vote is because they could trust their husband to vote for what was in their best interest, the vote was meant to be for each household while the man of the house was the families representative at the voting booth. (this was why the family was considered one of the foundational stones for any functional country, because the family is the smallest form of organized humanity)

But no no no said the feminists, women clearly couldn't rely on their neglectful, worthless men! They needed to be able to look out for themselves!

Basically the whole reason 'Womens Suffrage' exists at all is due to baseless leftist slander.

P.S be sure to look up how many fucking BOMBINGS those 'well-meaning' first wave feminists caused, as well as the group of wealthy and influential (((men))) who were instrumental in the funding and organization of feminism in the united states in the first place.

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women's suffrage happening at the same time as prohibition isn't a coincidence, and women really didn't have political opinions or have a reason to at the time unless someone told them they should, because why would they. I wonder who would do something like that?

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Well written. Part of the foundation of Confucious' philosophy was as you describe above, Muh Shugana.
Brainyquote.com has this: The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home. - Confucius GB

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dig into it a bit, women lost the right to vote in 1760's, then gained it again after Utah and Wyoming used women voting to get the necessary 50,000 voters to become a state. This is in the USA mind you. A woman's right to vote was only ever allowed when it benefits men's cause in some way. Now that it has become a liability, i would not be surprised if that right disappeared, especially in muslim dominated areas.

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1760s was not the USA.

I tried looking it up. The only thing notable about the 1760s is that women GAINED the right to vote in NJ (colony).

You must be thinking 1807 New Jersey.

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So let me get this right, in 1760 something women lost the right to vote. Then in 1776 on the 4th of July America declared its independence?

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Your numbers are wrong, but yes, politicians will scheme to achieve their ends.

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I though it was Nixon and electronic voting machines?

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JBL...civil rights, and nig nigs. thats what fucked vrything up.

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My wife voted for Trump. There are plenty of women that are intelligent and do what is best for America.

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You forgot the "world statistics" that the majority of women would vote for ANY female leader regardless of the leader's qualification.

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My wife voted for Trump. He's not a female leader. Only idiot feminists that can't think logically would vote for a women, because she's women..

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53% of white women voted for Trump.

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In the previous system you could have just voted for her and avoided this worry.

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NAXALT fallacy.

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Do you have a link to the source? Because reading it from an image is hard especially on mobile devices.

Edit: found this https://thepurityspiral.com/?p=280

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Nope, sorry.

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Thanks very much. There are lots of good arguments here seldom heard elsewhere. You should post it more widely.

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We would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling yids. It isn't like white women shoved feminism and communism down their own throats.

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This guy is autistic, and sees things in black and white, so he's right. So yes, it was wrong.

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If he believes in voting, he is a fake autistic.

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In my opinion, democracy is poorly suited (both practically and in principle) to anything but small scale community decisions between individuals numbering in the few thousands or less effecting each other. From my standpoint, neither men nor women should be able to wield the power of a vote on a large scale decision if the decision forces a result involuntarily upon a large population. I would tend to think, with some reasonable exceptions, that you shouldn't have that kind of a 'voice' without skin in the game (like property and other assets). There are other ways to maintain an orderly society than with the hand of the state.

But to answer the question pragmatically, democracy is what we're stuck with for now, so actions that would reduce the amount of say people have on how I live my life or utilize my resources are in my interest to support. The less people voting, the better. Thanks to everyone for voting for Trump with me, though. We're a long way from how I'd want things to be but it's start.

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Democracy doesn't work when you let leftist have power to vote or get elected.

The mentally ills should be at the hospital, not at large holding important positions.

Politically wrong countries like Japan today has 99% of its population right wingers. 99% of America's population 100 years ago are today's right-wing conservatives. Leftism is a disease. All communist countires are doomed to fail eventually.

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The way I see it, things would generally work out better if nearly all if not everything is decided with the free market. Invisible hand, etc. With large-scale politically-forced decisions you get information loss and the way it is now, it's a nice big opening for the left to slowly pull us towards communism with welfare, open borders, etc. As it did and continues to try to do. While I largely side with the right on most everything, they too also can make bad choices because there's always someone who thinks they know better than the market that wants something to be controlled a certain way and pays little to no head to the consequences, often because it garners them political benefits. The less say non-market forces have on things, the less internal damage they can potentially do. If we have 'large'-scale government at all (and I'd prefer a minarchic state or no state at all to be clear), I just want it to be focused solely on defense spending and to internally regulate as little as possible.

The problem right now is a significant part, cultural, however. If most people don't know better and just keep going for gibs/feels/impulses, it won't much matter if we work to make the government a lot smaller right now. If too many of the people themselves are degenerate in their desires (overmaterialistic, leftist, immoral, low time preference), the demands the market will react to and reinforce will reflect that.

Best thing to do right now in my view because of that is to try to set the example and by proxy make people envious of your success, and then if they ask how you did it, drop some of the redpills that you've been living out. Part of that is awakening the potential in people to think about the consequences of their actions more, and that's where IQ and temperament come into play as highly relevant.

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If you read fate of empires, you'll see that every time women were given equality in the past, that empire fell soon after. Happened to the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, etc. All the way up to today. Even the bible was talking about this thousands of years ago.

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Giving women the right to vote was.a very republican thing to do and it was.right. The left, never defeated, transitioned to a.more.socialistic appeal, ie. victimhood. Abortion, gays (not pro gay), feminism, etc. This forced.them careening on a far left.path in order.to hold the thing together.

However, women have and deserve the right to vote as long as the dishes are done.

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while i undrstand your motives...u r wrong.

traditional wives who care for their homes and put the families needs before them selves will likely vote similiar to their husbands.

it wasnt until LBJ allow nig vots, thats when america was destroyed

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