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The ones that stayed are all dead now. Their descendants are the ones here now. If those descendants don't like their lot in life here in the modern USA, well then they should blame their freed ancestors who chose to remain here instead of being kangs 'n shiiit back in Africa. It's not the fault of anyone alive today that they are here when their ancestors had an option to leave with pay. The one gubment gib they just didn't take.

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fucking A!

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I believe Lincoln was going to send them all back regardless but a certain John Wilks Booth wanted to be a hero.

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Birthrite is a scam that everyone's been brainwashed into believing so the hyper rich cancer, ( think Rothshilds, Saudi royal family, Queen of England, most world figures) can continue to live a lavish lifestyle as human God's, all while leading us along with Hollywood dreams of grabbing that one golden ticket instead of fostering our own reality. We are all one family anyways.

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It's not the fault of anyone alive today that they are here

What about Jews.

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I say we still blame the jews for this one

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That was Lincon's plan. He didn't want to free slaves, he wanted to kick out the niggers.

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That's why the democrats shot him.

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Lincoln was killed by the (((Jesuits)))

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"Bringing them over in the first place was Americas biggest mistake"

  • Vampire Abraham Lincoln, 2017

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Trump should renew this program so that they can go home and be "Kangs an' shiet"

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the best course of action is to act like black people are still slaves trapped here in America and they were never able to leave. If then a president offered them their "freedom" from America and to set up a place in Africa where they can build their own pyramids, monorail, space ports, what have you they may flock. we shouldnt mention liberia or draw any connection to what a failed state it is. if blacks start digging through history and point to Liberia and claim this plan doesn't work we can throw some other history in their faces and see what they say and ask who is to blame for a Liberia. eventually, they will lose the people ear.

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they already have

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Pretty sure the ones that stayed are all dead by now. So are the ones that left.

If there were any living ex-slaves they'd have a right to complain, but there aren't, so they don't.

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any theoretical nigger that has managed to survive that long would no doubt have the wisdom of a proper fashy goy and might even be able to overcome their insatiable hunger for gibs, thusly not complaining.

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Except that now, slavery in the United States is at an all time high, unconstitutional “third party property ownership” makes a slave of every citizen treasonously being forced to pay “rent” or a “mortgage”, it’s time for us to start complaining, rioting, protesting and boycotting “our” enslavement by our own (((government)))!

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Poe's law is strong here.

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Nope. And niggers have no right to complain. The Irish slaves far outnumbered any nigger slaves. The Irish were also treated incredibly worse than the niggers.

The Irish assimilated and to this day do not ask for reperations like those ungrateful niggers.

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They also went through genocide during the 'potato famine'

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The only citations that article has are to the claims made by people that believe the Irish slavery narrative. It doesn't link to anywhere that disproves a single part, just gives opinions. If you have a better article I would like to read it. And lets be fair, indentured servitude like they endured would be considered slavery in any civilized country now.

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There was also the Black Star Line and the Rastafari movement in the early 20th century to organize a return to the African homeland. It never drew more than moderate attention.

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Considering the ones that went back reinstituted slavery on their own kind, they should be grateful we let them stay.

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