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They can't dispose of them when they are no longer cooperative if they have rights and a legal standing. They want them for cheap labor and to rig elections. This is the Democrats White replacement army.

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The people who exploit the illegals love slave labor. Why are you trying to give them rights?

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If we give the illegals rights, they'd have to pay the illegals the same, and if they have to pay them the same, it would take away the incentive.

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Why should criminals be given rights they try to steal?

Go back to Canada with that bullshit.

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Are you asking the champagne socialists to give up their champagne? Oh, the horror!

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Socialism is great until you have to start paying taxes

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And the camps full of slaves.

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Which is why the government usually has to start rationing food by the third year of the regime.

Especially if they don't have farmers like Venezuela.

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But, why would they, themselves, have to pay when they are the ones proposing that everyone else should have to pay? It makes no sense to them. I just don't think that the Champagne socialists will ever understand why you are asking them to pay when they are so damn virtuous and thoughtful in asking everyone else to do the "right thing"!

Oh, I think I know what kind of person you are now. I figured it out. You even want them to stop raping their interns and stop molesting children even when they create such awesome and thought provoking works of art! Right? YOU NAZI!!

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They are forming a permanent underclass. Plain and simple, they want us gone BECAUSE WE ARE protected by the constitution. The permanent underclass cares not about the constitution, only free shit. They sure as fuck don't understand what the middle-class is for. They have no idea on what upward mobility is..

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I was reading an article claiming illegals paid taxes, but if you did the math is was only enough money to put 10% of their children through public school.

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Here is an example. Basically at most illegals pay 12 to 17bn/y. Maybe half of that is actually employers though. 4.5 million children live with an "undocumented" guardian. Public school costs on avg 10k per child per year in the USA. So even if you take that 4.5 at face value they don't pay enough taxes to put their kids through school, let alone pay for police, roads etc.

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If they pay taxes it is to take advantage of child and earned income credits. They get back way more money than they pay in.

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Yes, that is the point of my comment.

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Yeah they pay taxes when they have absolutely no way around it. Sales tax being the biggest one. If we actually look at realized taxes paid vs expected taxes paid, the ratio will be very one sided. Another idiotic left-leaning sound bite which is not rooted in reality.

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Well gee, then they'd be subject to all the worker protection laws that they had passed as a barrier to entry for competitors. Can't have that.

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They only love them for their cheap labor and free lefty votes. It's not like they really love them and include them like real people in their gated celebrity communities and tech havens. They love them like they do those starving sub-Saharan kids they send coffee money to but keep far away.

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Can't take advantage of the chili beaners if there'e any records

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Liberals are slave owners then.

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Yeah, pretty much.

Illegals are paid more than most people think, because when you're not paying taxes on anything, you need a significantly lower salary. Illegals replace American workers not because they'll work for less than minimum wage, but because they can live off of a 35% lower salary for the same work. Illegals don't force domestic workers out cus they're working for $2.00/hr, they do it because they're doing a $75,000/year job for $45,000.

Additionally, they don't join unions and keep complaints about shitty working conditions to themselves. If they don't, their employer just has them deported.

And on top of all that, the fines for knowingly employing illegals is peanuts to large companies but business-ending for small time owners. So small businesses can't compete because they have to pay their low-skill, high-turnover workers a full third more.

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Shhhh that's their secret, well except to those with an IQ above 80.

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Have been since the colonial days.

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Or if they are in mass graves!

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