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So far its just being an example of how I expect people to act.

3 weeks ago a man had a seizure in a parking lot. He fell and split his head open pretty bad, he was bleeding a lot.

My girlfriend called 911 and I ran to find a security guard I had seen earlier. He was sitting in a corner and when I told him someone was hurt he just looked at me like I was retarded. I ran back to the man who had fallen with the security guard shuffling behind me without a care in the world.

By the time I got back there was a crowd of people but only one woman was doing anything to help. She was holding the mans head and trying to stop the bleeding. My girlfriend was arguing with 911 dispatch about something. I noticed that the woman who was trying to stop the bleeding wasn't holding the correct part of the mans head so I went to help.

I help the mans head and talked to him until the ambulance came 10 minutes later. When I looked up to observe the crowd something clicked in my head.

Every single person that stood around and did nothing was either mexican or black. The three people that helped out were all white. The paramedics were white. I asked my girlfriend what she was arguing about on the phone and she said the dispatcher had a super thick accent and couldn't figure out what was going on. Even the security guard who clearly was inconvenienced by this whole thing was black.

Maybe the next time someone needs help one of those people who decided a bleeding man isnt worth the effort will remember those three white folks that fucking did something. Or maybe somewhere down the road I can use this as an example of why replacing white demographics with "diversity" will lead to a society that doesn't care about anyone but themselves.


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I'm black and I would've helped immediately.


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Just so you are aware, I didn’t downvoat you.

While I am racist and I would prefer that all blacks left this country, I realize that isn’t realistic. So if your race will be here I expect you to not act like niggers. I appreciate that you would help. Now you just have to fix your friends and family.