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@PeaceSeeker cause of his hard work with the port


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I just help in what ways I can. Putt is the goatest goat of the year, putting in incredible amounts of work to keep Voat moving forward so it can sustain itself. Voat would have died a year ago or more without his tireless effort. Then there are the innumerable content creators and sharers, who keep Voat alive and fresh and help spread messages of Truth (Empress perpetuating the importance of tradition and family, Needle with all her niche subverses, middle_path with his gardening and games, countless memers and power-posters...). Plus all the other folks from /v/FakeVoatTestClub (MadWorld, COF, puma, Nadesh, Germ22, heygeorge, Mick, Rotteuxx, Fuzzy, and so many more) who made the months-long preview Voat testing process possible in the first place. SearchVoat providing value on-site and off with his statistics posts and his really useful search function, Cynabuns, Needle (again), Owlchemy and others for their work on spam reduction and reporting. And even SGiS / Amalek / MYG / Grifter / Anthem et al who provide us all with amusement, but also remind us to be careful we don't stray from the premises that brought us here to begin with.

Basically all of Voat is worth appreciating, in one way or another. You helped with the testing too, if I recall!


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You are pretty awesome, no need to be so humble about it. I love your comment, it is so true in every way.


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... but also remind us to be careful we don't stray from the premises that brought us here to begin with.

I hope you're not going to say that free speech brought you here.. Are you still claiming that "bans are not censorship" while redefining the work censorship to mean whatever's convenient for you?

Disclaimer: I may not be able to reply. Unpopular users with less than 10 CCP cannot post, and are temporarily banned as soon as they make 10 comments in a day. Voat does not respect free speech, though past comments have stated an intention to improve things.


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You rock!