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It is more insidious than that, What the elite want is a class that will uncritically accept whatever they are told as being true. Rather than enslaving them physically they want to intellectually enslave them, they want slaves that whip themselves and call it freedom.


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No matter how hard Soros tries to help niggers, they can't stop being niggers because nigger.

Look how much tax money they throw per pupil in inner city public schools (sometimes over $27,000 per pupil) and it does fuck all because they are still niggers.

You cannot convince niggers to read books or use their brains, they simply remain half retard niggers.


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Not all blacks are niggers


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(((Soros))) isn't trying to help niggers. He's just trying to hurt Whites. He doesn't give a fuck about the situation of niggers, or any non-kike for that matter.

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Definitely bipartisan. The bushes, John McCain, Paul ryan. They're all globalist traitors.