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Ok, first off. You should be using a vpn all of the time. Also you need to be running a non-kiked browser such as Waterfox, and addons to kill cookies, scripts, force html5, and https everywhere.

Stop using obvious honeypot site like fagbook, gogol, twatter,etc. You are part of the problem currently.


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I use waterfox. It kills all my cookies and history and everything every time I close it.

I don't have a Facebook presence, I only ever visit twitter when someone links it from here. The only Google things I use are my phone(android) and my gmail account through an email client(Thunderbird).

I may not be THE solution, but I am way more on the solution side of things than most folks. Have been for a very long time.

But you didn't answer my question about all of the sites giving me a hard time when I go through my VPN. Why does Gmail care if I access my email from an IP in Japan?


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Your vpn sucks. Search for a vpn that computer security enthusiasts use. I could explain it to you, but it requires a framework for understanding. Take a basic networking course via hooktube, and it will become clearer.

spez - gmail is gogol, yeah?