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It's not hatred, it's jealousy.


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Yeah, but being jealous and knowing/having an inferiority complex can lead to resentment/hatred and violence.


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Shit, if there were a superior society I'd be happy to take my place wherever I could be of use, just to participate.


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Akbars and Europeans are sworn enemies.
Just like Akbars and Africans.
Or Akbars and Japanese.
Or Akbars and other Akbars.
They ruined Akbaria, fuckin Akbars.


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Updated for Groundskeeper Willie reference


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I'm starting to think the hatred is artificial, that it's being drummed up by the Cabal to keep us from getting along better. We're not the same, but that hardly ever matters to awakened, happy people... It's time for me personally to stop complaining about the conditions set up by the Cabal, and visualize precisely what I want my life to look like. I have known too many people from too many cultures and colors to assume the hate is anything but MSM manufacture.


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You're on to something. Resentment builds easily, especially for today's entitled identity-narcissists, and hate grows on that like mold on bread.


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You have to rise above. But you also have to teach the minorities away from marxism or they will continue to be directed against us. I suppose the danger we present is our culture includes the history of economic theory and the marxists really lost the intellectual battle and that record is within our culture (although they haven't lost all political battles).

They would like someone saying Carl Menger developed subjective value theory in Austria and them are the facts to sound like, "some Aborigine 200AD before the colonists came, came up with his own theory of economics and its really interesting" They want correct economic theory to sound obsure rather that part of the history of correct understanding.


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id agree with you except for the fact that blacks and central americans carry out a lot of physical violence against whites, the fact that no other race voted for trump over half, and the fact that arabs and africans are raping specifically white women and blowing up for the most part specifically white people

it may have been artificial in the beginning but i think they really hate us now


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I deal with black people all day in my job. If you raise the prices, then only the yuppie type come around. Racial statistics around intelligent people are irrelevant.

I know that those are the minority of black people, but for their sake I don't support race-based policy.

People vote in politics based on their risk profile. If 30% of whites are as smart as the average black person, those are the people most likely to get riled up by racial animosity messaging.

But there's the other side of the coin. I don't support race based policy to benefit anyone for their race, either. That means no Affirmative Action, public housing projects, 3rd world immigration, and more.

Civic nationalism is the first step to ethnonationalism because it includes the freedom of association.


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What comes first - the hate (artificial or not) or the violence? I really like Jordan Peterson for his call back to rationality, for his demonstration of its POWER.


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if you think the hatred is artificial, you've never dealt with niggers in the real world


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In my opinion, it's a nurture plus nature thing.

Niggers are being bred for their stupidity in America. 70% of blacks are born to single mothers because of our government subsidizing this unwanted behavior. Then they are injected with this black entitlement syndrome - where they are owed something just for being black through our country's education system. Also barraged with how glamorous the nigger lifestyle is by other niggers who have been put up on a pedestal by the Jew media.

Violence, drugs, promiscuity, and incarceration are celebrated in American nigger culture. Without fathers in their lives to tell them to pull their pants up and quit acting like niggers, they end up embracing the nigger lifestyle.

I've always been of the opinion that blacks in America can be redeemed, but the current generation is lost.

End the government rewards for having children out of wedlock, and maybe that will end some of it. That would be a start.


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I know they are prone to violence, aggression, etc. But if YOU grew up around them you'd know they inflict that on EVERYONE around them, including themselves, the nutty bastards. The specific hatred of whites is, in almost every case, exactly due to THEIR lack of real experience with us charming fuckers. :-)


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It's fucking 1984! They need perpetual war and hatred to keep the masses from hating them.. Who them are is the combination of the top 2 percent with alot of 3 letter agencies and other ones throughout the world.. Keeping the top of the food chain living their insanly posh lives of unlimited anything.. If u were in their position you would do the same thing, because it's like a gang if you try to leave or fuck it up you die and your family dies and the wealth that would have been passed down for eternity is gone as well.


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Amen to that - I do like my little anonymous place in the universe. I wouldn't trade it for any other kind of life I've seen so far.


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They want white society, but not white people. Imagine there is a really nice house on your block that is well decorated, well maintained and beautiful, unfortunately somebody already lives there, and they won't sell it, and you can't afford it anyway.

That's how they feel about us, the unfortunate, current occupants of their future house.

What shitlibs and the unwashed hordes don't realize is that if they were capable of making or maintaining anything like this then they would already have it.


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Imagine there is a really nice house on your block that is well decorated, well maintained and beautiful



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Because the white countries are more developed and desirable to live in. The trouble it the nigs of the world aren't bright enough to realise that if they move in and put out the whites, then their newly adopted country will becone a hell hole like the one they left. The common denominator here is "nigs".


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Real Answer: Because you would too, if you were in their shoes.

An African migrant can make more money collecting welfare in Europe, than working a full-time job in Africa. In fact, there are entire African villages where the men have all left for Europe, so they can collect welfare, and send it back to support their families back in Africa.




Blacks/arabs/muslims have also discovered that liberal whites are terrified of being called racist. So they have learned that by rioting, burning, and accusing whites of being racist nazis, liberal whites will cower, cuck, capitulate, and the blacks/arabs/muslims can get more stuff. It's a business model.

If you were a black african, and you saw Europe handing out free money, and blonde white girls holding signs saying "refugees welcome", you'd get on the next boat across the Mediterranean Sea, and be greeted like a rock star.




The problem are the jews who brainwash western countries with cultural marxist propaganda, and are deliberately flooding western countries with open borders diversity & race-mixing. At the same time, jews support an outright apartheid jewish ethnostate in Israel (where immigration is based on jewish bloodline, and it is illegal for a jew to marry a non-jew)



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