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Its funny because it isn't even that hard...


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Really? I'm struggling with it. The subvoats I like or whatever they're called aren't very popular.


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it might just be my experience with reddit and forums in general, but an important aspect to commenting is voice, and having some perspective on knowing how what you say sounds.

Because often what discourages people is getting downvoted. Well, (and this is also my defense for downvotes), who cares? Someone out there is going to disagree with you on something. Don't let the hurtful words of one person, two people, hundreds of people keep you from speaking your mind. This doesn't mean say whatever you want, instead, adapt. Learn from your mistakes, figure out what works for you comment/content wise. Not everyone is good at everything, and not everything you will do is going to be perfect even if you enjoy doing it or are good at it. Don't let the critiques of someone else discourage you, simply take it as it is, a critique, and rationalize whether the critique helps you, or if there is anything you can learn from the experience to improve reception next time.

Work to improve. And the only way to do that is to start. And trust me, I had to go through a lot of bad comments just to even be able to get somewhat proficient, or find my voice. But that's the challenge. And everyone develops differently, gains their fame at different rates and different amounts. Don't compare your voice to others. It will only keep you from saying what you want. And the only way to get better at doing that is by doing it at all, good or bad.


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I was too, but then I started posting on popular subs that were somewhat interesting.


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I'll take things that a man never wants to hear directed at them for 400 Alex.


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"I'll take Anal Bum Cover for 500, shuck it Trebek"