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I think PewDiePie might be a Red Pill gateway drug.

It seems like the biggest first step to Red Pilling people is for them to realize how biased and unreliable the media is. That everything they hear and that everything most of the people they know have heard and are parroting is based on subjective reporting. After that they will question everything, and hopefully find out their own truth.

Several events in PewDiePie's recent history have shown people this for the first time, and because his audience is so huge, it has hopefully led them to further red pills. Even if PewDiePie still has a lot of opinions on things that I don't agree with, if only .1% of his audience begins questioning things, that is a win for us.


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That was before. He regrets it and he's desperate for the blue pill.
He's following in the path of Cypher.

What good is it if he hates one media outlet but follows others who preach the same message?
What good is it if he gets attacked by the media only to turn around and parrot the same narrative about others?
Being a victim of media bias and false accusations only to turn around and label American protesters as white supremacists.

I don't believe for 1 second he's a gateway into anything other than subservience. A PC convert.
"Yea, the media was labeling me as a Nazi and attacked me under false pretenses, but look at all these white supremacists in these news reports about the Charlottesville protest."

He's a coward bred from the weakest of Swedish bloodlines.


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Because he said nigger. I still can't stand the cunt and don't give a shit about him.


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https://youtu.be/RH7wMFrWYoA I know nothing about him, but I saw this one, it was hilarious.


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Actions are far more important than words. What we learn from Pewdiepie is to:
Just abandon your country and move to the UK and make a video about Challotesville and virtue signal about white supremacists in America despite the fact that your own countrymen and women are being raped, murdered, and replaced.
Despite the fact that people are getting acid thrown in their face pretty much ever other day by Muslims in the country you moved to. Ignore all of that shit and report on a small incident in North America ( an incident he knows next to nothing about) equating it with white supremacy.
Be an absolutely disgraceful pos who shits on your ancestors and your heritage for the sake of those shiny shekels.
Learn how to be a good goy while maintaining an edge, just like Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.

This is the man we are to promote as the redpill role model for Gen Z?

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No shit he's Swedish. Read what I wrote again. I brought up the UK because that's where he lives. People are getting acid thrown in their face in the country he lives in but yet some chick dies of a fucking heart attack at a "protest" (in a country he despises) and all the sudden he feels a need to offer up his opinion on it. Using the incident as a platform to virtue signal about white supremacy.
He's a traitor to his own people and it's no surprise you and your people welcome him, respect him and promote him, mate.
I know Sweden has it worse which emboldens my statement of abandonment even more.

I've seen many posts on here claiming him to be "redpilling Gen Z". That's clearly not the case.

You can't even comprehend what I wrote but yet you're going to try and accuse me of being factually absent?