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You can handle trig, ever taken a stats class? It's what cemented my racist views. Civilized culture requires a minimum mean population IQ. Some human subspecies do not meet that bar. Not coincidentally, these subspecies have very high crime rates when intermixed with other, more civilized groups.


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Civilized culture requires a minimum mean population IQ.

This is a key insight that more whites need to realize. Cultures are the way they are because of the general intelligence level of their populations. Other mental and emotional factors play a part as well, but intelligence is by far the most important. It explains why there are no great negro civilizations in Africa, why the aborigines of Australia never built anything, why black communities in America are universally an ugly, crime-infested, corrupt nightmare.


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I don't know though, I think blacks have potential to be redeemed in America, but just not while sucking on the teets of the government.

If you raise a black guy with both parents, in a good neighborhood, and in a decent school, he'll probably turn out an ok guy, but he'll most likely not be a particle physicist or anything spectacular. My buddy does power plant inspections.

He has a list of things to check, and he goes down that list and checks those things, makes sure everything is the way its supposed to be. He owns his own home, and is a good guy. He says he job is easy, and he can't believe he's paid so much to do it. He just so happens to be black. He's not a doctor or scientist, but he's a productive member of society. He found a job that he likes, doesn't have to do any manual labor, and he gets paid well.

I know my buddy is an outlier, but I think that if other blacks were raised right, they could be productive members of society.

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Most Africans in white European founded countries are biracial and contain European genes which raises their IQ. They even possess more European features albeit slight such as a not so flat nose or less Africanized skull shape.


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Redeemed??? Then you are delusional. Wake up