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Man, I just got divorced last year after being with the same woman for not quite ten years. I'm a total fish-out-of-water now. I don't even know how to relate to these women any more.

what's your facebook

I don't use it. Never have.


What's that?

Instagram? Snapchat?


What social media do you use?

I, uh, er... well...

How am I supposed to get a hold of you?

The phone? Text? Email? Carrier pigeon? Smoke signals? Come by my house?


I don't know what the hell it is with people being constantly glues to their phones these days. I just don't see the appeal.

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yeah, 32 yo here. I'm doing everythign i can to sort myself out and find a good woman to make some kids. syntax errors be damned

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Not really . Start dating in the 80's and kind of stopped 12 years ago , i still have like 1 date / year to remind me why i hate it .

*I am living in the country where prostitution is cheap and legal .

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Tell them to put the phone down.

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In my 30s now, as a teen I had a lot of gal friends but rarely dated. A touch too beta faggot. I always thought my guy friends were retarded, women and getting laid were so simple. Most of the time it's a win /win solution. Then I started dating... and my world was flipped upside down. Women are a headache. Every interaction feels like grabbing a fist full of dice and only one random /specific combination will be correct. And it changes every 10 minutes.

Been a very long time since I've met a badass girl or one that wasn't a glorified Facebook Text-to-Speech app.

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Treat a woman righ and You may never know this problem.

She wants wild sex, She needs Logic.

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I have a slightly different view, but it would take long to write and would come off horribly. https://youtu.be/8XGBpi6SvqE

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I trully understand.

I understand You and out of pure respect, I will not openly say it, I will not openly say it.

But I will say one thing That You will understant. MGTOW

I understand.

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You should be looking at yours, lining up the next one on tinder.

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Seems like an obvious red flag, move on to the next.

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