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The national budget.

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There's one on there where they trick an Asian into thinking her friend is dead and then have sex with her while she is grieving. There is also one involving gummy bears and gummy worms.

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saw a chick vape with her pussy there once.

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Speaking of efukt there was a clip in one of the compilation vids where this guy drilled a screw into a chick's nipple.

Nipple penetration has somehow become popular, I checked a hentai site and got 2,545 results.

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I saw a guy get fucked in ass by a horse once. The sound the dude made indicated he had an amazing case of instant regret.

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RIP, Mr hands!

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I saw that one. He ded.

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Evidence. Where, please?

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-Guy cuts his dick off

-Guy is tied down and someone else cuts his dick off

-Woman sucks a horse dick

-Guy gets kicked in the balls full force by a woman, he cries/bleeds but she keeps kicking, he coughs up blood.

-Eel soup. This one was funny. Asian girl has little eels put up her ass and farts them out.

-Women beat up guy, full on punching him in the face, he starts bleeding, they put cigarettes out on his body. He doesn't flinch once during the video.

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I yerk it to BDSM, so I've seen some shit.

-Forceful cigarette smoking through the nose.
-Two words: vagina clamps.
-Breath play involving a plastic bag.
-Waterboarding a girl with a burlap sack over her head while gagged, which only allows breathing through the nose.
-Legitimate Chinese water torture.
This is my list where I see it and immediately think, "dear god no".

Edit: this isn't including the stuff involving male subs that I've accidentally stumbled onto.

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I seen a video with where one fat guy wore a dom uniform and shot another lard ass with a paintball gun. I'm not even sure if this one should count because ass play usually involves poo (shit dick?)

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As fucking is one thing. Smearing shit on one another and eating it is what I wanted to avoid.

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I didn't like going over to that guys house.

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I am NOT clicking on any links here!

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Pussy. Me either haha.

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BDSM CP. I feel nauseated just remembering it.

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