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Since illegal immigration is a misdemeanor and not a felony it may be illegal in your state. Also illegal immigration is a federal crime and not a state crime which could further erode your ability to perform a citizen's arrest.
You could be charged with unlawful detention/kidnapping depending on your state. I would look through your states laws on such with a fine tooth comb before engaging in such an act.

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I wasn't intending to go do it myself. I was just curious if people could...

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I would say that the main thing stopping people from doing this is the threat of violence in return. I don't want to get stabbed/ shot by some random beaner fuck.

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Or become the epicenter of the ensuing riot.

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No crime is committed if you dont get caught.

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I came to say why you can't, but honestly that is pretty much what bounty hunters do. Genuinely interested to find out exactly what lets bounty hunters do what they do and why the same couldn't be applied to illegal immigrants.

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In the case of a bounty hunter a judge has already issued a summons to appear before the court which means the person in question has already been arrested or a warrant and appropriate reward have been issues whereas an illegal immigrant has not already (in theory at least) been arrested. The bounty hunter is part of the legal system whereas the private citizen is not.