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I dont see mexico taking any of the states since they dont have the military or stability to pull it off IMO. They dont even have an MBT, and their airforce sucks, even slight military resistance would tear them up. People would get pissed when the state starts becomming more and more like shitty mexico and since it would be an official invasion, rebel.

I could see texas splitting off as an independent because russia has already given them a gaurentee of protection in that event, but still think its unlikely. And any other balkanizations would undoubtedly due to foreign influence, which I think the real american people will see through. I think any collapse is bound to go down like the great depression only with more niggers and violence.

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implying this has to be a military takeover.

Sorry goy, they can just outbreed whites until the state become dem. Then vote for more mexicans.

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No, but because of the rise of Artificial Intelligence, not us merging with a bunch of beaners and canucks.

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I believe America will survive.

This is almost certain.

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This is something beyond me, something beyond even You.


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1) Probably not, but we may have some states break off. If we are super lucky one of them will be California

2) Mexico will collapse long before the US does, this isn't Shadowrun lol. The only states that would want to join Canada are the states that Canada doesn't want.

3) No, the confederacy is done for good. I say this not to rile anyone up, but the south is becoming more and more liberal (check out Atlanta sometime . . .) so it is no longer a unified political entity. The northern states are not all liberal either, a lot of the Canadian border states are actually decently conservative.

4) Canada perhaps, but never Russia. Russia couldn't afford to govern Alaska.

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Dude, not even California is all "liberal".

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No, but the conservatives in California are as bad as the liberals just in a different way. They choose to live in California where their conservative vote is pretty much thrown away when they could move to a less liberal state and actually help take back this country. They are like the Muslims that say "Not all Muslims . . .", yeah we get it you are conservative but what are you actually doing besides bitching and moaning and throwing your vote away to help fix this country.

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Dunno, but I probably won't live that long either way.

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The "world" isn't going to last that long, nevermind the USA.

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Alaska would become part of Canada.

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You bet your ass it will.

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