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Go back in time.

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This plan would take about five years in the present but............
Learn everything I can about colonial gunsmithing, metallurgy, and a hand full of other important engineering breakthroughs. Set up shop in 1760's philly. Invent the repeating rifle, cartridge round, cotton gin, and discover oil in pennsylvania about a hundred years early. Exchange guns for a seat at the table with the other founding fathers (we kick the shit out of the british with weapons tech that is literally a hundred years ahead of theirs). From their prompt some changes in the constitution no thank you federal reserve. Ensure that America is decades ahead of its european peers in gun design and manufacturing. Essentially ensure that the industrial revolution comes to America at the same time as it does to England.

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Holy shit, man. I need to lend you my time machine!

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Jizz in the primordial ooze.

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Gas all the jews then go to other timeline and gas all the jews again, repeat it again and again

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Then my wife wouldn't exist.

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Early 1200s, Europe, where my expertise and knowledge can win the crusades and turn back the mongol hordes

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Kill everyone except Hitler.

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in early August 2016, placed all my available funds on betting Trump would win

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If i was able to go back in time i would kill my self before coming to this world.

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