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Suck Dick. If you are a guy as well, suck off a few friends first so you get your skill level up there for the boss level.

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Literally, I came in here to say this.

I'm not joking. You're either sucking dick or pushing someone else under the bus. Your employer diesnt give a shit about you. They only care about what you can do for them.

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you talking white collar corporate gigs. That's the thing about blue collar work- humanity is allowed. You can call a nigger a nigger and the nigger can threaten to stab you for it and you're still going to be blowing your paycheck together at the strip club come Friday. Try that at Google.

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Check the ladder for deficiencies. If there is a crack it should be destroyed. Make sure A frame ladders are all the way deployed and not leaned against anything. Make sure it is on level ground. For extension ladders make sure the base is 1 foot out for every 4 foot up. So if you extend it 14 foot up it should be 4 foot away from the base of what you are propping it against. Make sure the rubber stoppers on the base are in good condition.

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I don't think he meant setting up the latter, I think he meant actually climbing it, you know, 'always keep three contacts on latter' and stuff like that.

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Excuse me lad. Der you have any tea?

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change your name to something that sounds strong and intimidating.

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best name.

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I'm going to give you the only name on this list you spelled correctly
Link below provided by a more responsible goat than me

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Like L Ron Hubbard. If You changed your name to L Ron Hubbard, you'd get any job you applied to. They'd ask you if you're related and if you say "No, I just wanted to change my name to something that sounded stronger and this is the first name that came to mind. I didn't even know about that whole Scientology thing until later", they'll hire you. I'd hire you. I'd fuck with you until you quit, but I'd definitely hire you in the first place.

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You mean (((strong and intimidating))).

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interesting point. not a bad improvement on the original idea.

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Here are my tips in no particular order.


Show up to work on time. Be on or ahead of schedule. Do things that you say you will do. I don't care if you get 5 extra things done a way if you prove to be unreliable.


No one likes being around the negative person all day long. They drag everyone else down. If you dislike the place that much, do everyone, yourself included, a favor and make like a tree and get the fuck out.

No one likes being around people who are overly confrontational either. Not every little problem is the end of the world.

Ability To Work With Others

Not everyone is someone who can train people, which is an extremely valuable skill set, but do try to be a person who can be plopped into a different team and contribute positively, hopefully at the very least through your interactions. Know how to have a tiny bit of fun, get along with your co workers, and then work with them to get the task at hand completed.


Don't be afraid to tell your boss what you want, just don't be unreasonable about it. For example, you're a cashier but you want more responsibility and pay. Tell them you would like a promotion and ask what you can do to get there. Don't be afraid to talk to other people in management besides your boss. I'm not suggesting you make extra trips to visit their office. They are people like you and I. You can have a totally normal conversation with them. It will get you places. They'll say, "Oh yeah, I remember Martha. She's real friendly and seems to get along with everyone well enough. I could really use her skills in my team." You don't get there by being a jerk, or by being unknown. Naturally, some jerks will get promoted anyway because they're a bit on the sociopathic side and know how to play people to get what they want. It happens. Don't let that deter you from getting what you want.

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Networking = sucking dick.

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No, not really. It all depends on your work environment. I got a higher raise because i worked to ocd levels in a factory position. My line lead leaves me with quality control, and to make sure I don't make him look bad, ie. "Suck dick". Hey, if you could learn to weld right I wouldn't have to say anything about how much you suck at it, cleaning up after you. ... My next goal is learning to weld.

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I don't think you understood the question. He wasn't asking you how to be a good employee, he was asking how to get ahead.

Naturally, some jerks will get promoted anyway because they're a bit on the sociopathic side and know how to play people to get what they want. It happens

And there's your answer- be a sociopath and don't get caught.

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Do what you're paid to do, under-promise and over-deliver. Listen to the gossip with a grain of salt, but don't spread it. Identify the steps needed to advance in your field and take them. Network. Always keep your resumé updated and constantly shop around for a better job. Learn when to be a ruthless psychopath.

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Add demonstrable value that others don't.

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It really depends on your work and your moral compass. If you don't give a fuck and are careful set things up so your boss looks like shit when his boss is around. You could poison half the office with something that will keep them home while you show up like a hero. Make sure your boss was one of the poisoned.

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It really depends on your work and your moral compass.

Morals are for the homeless. Once you have two nickles to rub together you have ethics.

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Move place, lateral moves have given me rank and profit. Companies aren't loyal, you shouldn't offer loyalty to those who don't understand the concept. Always be looking outside.

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