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Shopping cart chaos. I know it's a 'meh' answer but it's clearly uncommon.

Overly polite drivers that break traffic laws to let someone in or pass. Especially for pedestrians.

Wobbly door handles or loose screws.

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On overly polite drivers: The other day I got stuck waiting for a jackass who stopped with no stop sign to let a guy coming in the opposite direction make a left turn in front of him. The problem was there were two lanes on our side of the street. As the dummy sat there, traffic backed up in the left lane making it impossible for the turn guy to see traffic in the still moving right lane. And any gaps in the right lane were immediately filled with annoyed drivers at the back of the left lane jam, so the turn guy still couldn't make the turn, and anyone unlucky enough to be near the front of the jam had to wait for what felt like 5 minutes before the turn guy was like "fuck it" and pulled out nearly causing a wreck.

Just imagining the stupid look on the face of the idiot in front as he sat there still pisses me off.

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Yep, a lot of accidents are caused by some asshole thinking they control every lane but really just causing blind spots.

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Sometimes I wish I just drove around with a dozen eggs and would throw one in these type situations and while they be all scream their fucking heads off and shit I be like you know you deserve nothing else right?...trigger the fucker.

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It's not "kinda unique" or "sort of unique" or "somewhat unique"...it's either unique, or it isn't. It probably isn't unique at all, BTW.

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I had to double check to see if I did that in this thread because I knew I used the word unique.

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Nope, you didn't. Keep up the good work, soldier!

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Being told to do something while clearly doing it.

I don't think that's very uncommon, but it's not something you hear people complain about a lot.

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Fucking Christ, do they teach this in women's premarital counceling courses or something? Not just my wife, but every married woman I've ever known does this.

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My mom's the reason this gets me so hard. I think it's a parental sense of needing to make sure everything's perfect all the time. It's a bit like liberalism I guess.

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Really fat Mexicans with their really fat kids. Their diabetes costs will bankrupt the US.

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If you pay attention, you'll see that all they drink is Coke or beer.

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Beer. The one apartment with 1 woman, 1 child, and 8 full grown Mexican males, nothing but beer bottles come out of that place. They go to work in the morning, come home around the same time (12 hr shifts) and with them EVERYDAY is a couple Mexicans hauling cases of beer. Having worked with Mexicans (legal and non) they are gross, lazy, stupid people who refuse to integrate or do anything of value. They constantly stole, never used trashcans, and didn't know you can flush toilet paper. EVEN WHEN BEING TOLD TO DO SO, THEY JUST REFUSE. People can call me a racist, but I am only racist based on my experiences.

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Humming ballasts from fluorescent lighting.

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Specific sounds get me too. Like the sound of clinking silverware on a plate is fine if I'm in a restaurant or at the kitchen table, but anywhere else drives me up the wall. A lady at work used to eat at her desk with an actual plate and silverware and every day she did it I about walked out on my job.

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Yeah, I join you on the clinking silverware (I could go on about a lot of weird/white/pink noise but I'll spare you). This does reminds me of the scene in the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest where Kesey describes how Nurse Ratchet has perfected the stirring of her coffee without clicking the mug, but never states the reason why, leaving us to guess that either she is crazy, doesn't want to set off her crazy patients or mostly likely - both. I have never been able to hear someone stir a mug of coffee without thinking of this scene.

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People flicking their cigarette butts on the ground, out car windows or into bodies of water. Those people should die.

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Im a smoker and this bugs the shit out of me. If im out, and there is no ashtray, I get rid of the cherry and stick the butt in my pocket for later disposal.

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me too.

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after popping the cherry, roll that butt up in the plastic wrap from the cigarette packaging and stick that in your pocket for future disposal. waaay less smelly.

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When I ask people if they're ready and they say "yeah hold on". A fucking No would have worked for fuck's sake!

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They're ready, they just want to make you wait for their own sadistic pleasure, clearly.

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Not sure if it is uncommon, but new toilet paper placed on top of the empty roll drives me nuts. I spend alot of poop time fixing this every time I see it.

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