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Friday night/Saturday morning. Software upgrade at work needed to be deployed after hours. It didn't finish until 4am. I was really struggling to stay awake by the end. I had been up for nearly 24 hours at that point and didn't have the best sleep schedule all week.

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I did some cocaine about a year ago. I couldn't sleep all night. its really an awful drug. I don't understand why people do it. I just felt anxious and twitchy for hours.

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I work two jobs, and pull an all nighter every Thursday night in addition to my M-F day job.

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Do you have any negative effects from doing that?

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It takes its toll for sure. I am awake from 5am Thursday morning until 4pm Friday at the earliest. If I have something going on I will stay up later. The latest I have made it was 1am Saturday morning. I had a girl over and pushed it a little hard. My brain pretty much shut down like I had been hitting the bottle.

I have done it for two years and plan to do it for three more. I have some financial goals set that this goes towards. My luck the economy will crash three months before I get there.

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Lovin You Brother, dont pay no mind.

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Last week, though not for lack of trying otherwise.

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No idea, I hate not getting sleep.

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4 months ago -ish. Spring midterms. Fuck solubility equilibria equations.

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There must be a solution!

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November 8th, 2016

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