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Got my new Bosch- best consumer's reviews , quietest, and energy efficient. Had a problem, service guy tells me that in order to improve efficiencies, Bosch just heats up the plates, and lets air dry do the rest, plastic has no chance of getting dry. He said that the cheapest noisey, and least efficient will do a much better job cleaning your dishes, also they cost half as much. He said Kenmore makes a good product. Wish I would have talked to him first, damn thing is so quiet that you cannot tell it is running, except for the light that shines on the floor. Oh- and it has a nasty smell when you first open it from the long dry time.

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We love our Bosch. It dries by thermal mass. If you have lots of plastic, it's not for you. If you have actual flatware, then it's great. The stainless steel and flatware are heated to dry everything. If you don't have enough flatware it can be a problem. But generally speaking, even the plastic gets mostly dry.

No odors here.

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Bosch. Best I have ever owned

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Yes, I do. His name is Sanjeev, he also sweeps floors.

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Yea, my dishwasher is pretty nice. I've put some terrible looking shit in there and it comes out looking nice 99% of the time. I paid a bit more for a mid range model. I can't say anything about the drying part, I don't use that on my dishwasher, I just open it up after its done and then and let the shit air dry.

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Nope. Just got a new one. It takes twice as long to run, doesn't clean anything, and doesn't dry properly.

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Most dish washers I've had work best if you don't wash the dishes first. Just rinse off the chunks and don't let crud dry on there before washing.

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Mine is pretty good. It's made by KitchenAid. But on your last point, the Jet Dry additive is extremely important to get the dishes to dry properly without spots.

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Ya, I've heard better things about kitchen aid.

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A lot of time the spots or scaling are just due to hard water and can be helped by adding a splash of vinegar to the washer.

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I recommend hands.

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