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I seriously don't understand how stupid you have to be not to be able to swim. I could do basic dog paddling when I was like 5 or 6? It's not like I had someone teach me either, I just tested shit out where I could touch the bottom. And even if you can't dog paddle, if you're that close to the shore... There is so many options besides splashing like a moron.

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Low IQ people are more likely to panic when things get a little difficult.

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As can be seen by the whole group.

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blacks and browns sometimes have higher bone density, they don't float as well as whites and yellows...this genetic and ethnic thing has an influence on Olympics sports, which is why you rarely see a guy from Niger or a guy or a Congoid woman from Congo win any swimming medals at the Olympics

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How the fuck do they just let their friends down. Like damn. Shitty.