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"I'm only friends with this person because I get something out of the deal."

Sounds like you are the dick

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Read it again Sam, I was talking in generalities that that is what friend ships are like.

I DONT want financial anything - I wish he never brought it up. That was the whole point.

Why would I bemoan the fact that friendships are overly utilitarian and then demand the ultimate utility?

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He has no duty or obligation to you simply because of his wealth. If you can not live within your means then him giving you money will not teach you a goddamn thing

quit being a bitch

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I'll take the quit being a bitch

But to the rest of your answer - fuck you.

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Dude, wtf?! Your "friend" doesn't owe you shit. What do you do for money?

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Your mom.

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Did you not read the parts where I am saying that my friend doesn't owe me shit?

I said that

I did

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there is seems to be a lot of functional utility built into friendships

Either you can be his friend without demanding financial compensation or you should stop being a dick, apologize, and break it off. You self-absorbed asshole.

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Damn, look what I stepped in- smells like shit.

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If you don't want to hear any answer you disagree with why bother asking?

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Um what part of 'there seems to be' don't you understand? In friendships - in general.

You totally missed the point of what I was asking.

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Friendships in general do involve sharing utility. You can share moments, ideas, thoughts, lend a hand or a shoulder. So can he. That's what friendship is. Money is off the table, and if you can't deal with that you're being rude and self-absorbed. i.e. you're not acting like a friend.

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Unlike everyone else who seems to be missing the point, I'd say your friend is being a bit of a dick. I'm sure he's not doing it on purpose, but like someone who has never worked retail who acts like a cunt to salespeople, this guy has never gone without so he doesn't know what you're going through. It's a case of affluenza.

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I never thought of that - he grew up with money. Shitty parents, but money.

His father could probably openly talk about money because he hung around other 'rich' people. But because my friend is out of place, he was talking like his dad did not realizing what he was doing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate the insight.

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The minute he gives you money, the friendship is over. He is now your creditor and you owe him big. Have you ever heard the saying, the best way to lose a friend is to give him money? It's true.

Edit: If you're in an extremely tight spot, and if I were you, I would only ask for a small amount. Maybe $100 and agree to pay him back in like a week. BUT, only if you absolutely HAVE to. You're risking your friendship here too, so take that into account. Don't make the mistake of painting him as a greedy sob, or as a personification of "the man". That would be wrong. Some people are lucky. Don't hold that against him.

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I've given money to friends before when I had it. What is a good way to help a friend that is struggling?

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They can give you money with no loan terms, or something like, "pay me back when you can" sort of thing. It's a sensitive thing though, because different people value money in different ways. You can always ask him for money, but that might be crossing a line. You have to look at your relationship with him and see if it would be safe. If you do ask him though, just promise you'll pay him back. You wouldn't want him to think that you're taking advantage.

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If he's purposely going out of his way to rub it in your face, just don't be friends with him. Stop being a pussy. Focus on doing shit your way and fight the good fight. Don't let petty rivalries consume you; limit your exposure to these people and move on.

If it's just an isolated couple of instances, man up. Every man is ridiculed from time to time. It is what keeps us from being soft, labia-flapping weaklings.

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Be friends with his parents and learn how they made money.

Before doing that read the book The Richest Man In Babylon.

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Well, they're dead.

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Read the book anyway. It will help you realise your friend has no value to you and your future.

Alternatively, learn necromancy, get the secret, become wealthy, die and go to hell. There are always choices in life.

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