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Fruux? https://fruux.com/

Open source, has a free option (2 devices and limited sharing), has apps on most platforms. Don't use it myself yet but have been thinking about it.

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I tried the web app but the mobile app only seemed to hook into the device's native calendar. I couldn't quite figure out how it worked; maybe I'll give it another go. Thank you for the suggestion!

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I'm trying to achieve the same thing you are, I think I read fruux is hosted in Germany if that matters to you or not.

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I run NextCloud for calendar/tasks/contacts.

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Thanks, that's two for Nextcloud so far. I'll have to check it out more in-depth.

Edit: it looks really nice, but the only drawback of going self-hosted for me is that I have a really low bandwidth cap.

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How did you install the server? I couldn't find a good tutorial on the website. I suppose I could search YouTube.

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cPanel on rented server, click to install softaculous distro.

How about https://www.linux.com/learn/how-install-nextcloud-server-ubuntu%20%20?

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Found out about a project called radicale, here's a slightly older post detailing how to set it up.

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Thank you for the information

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The only one I know of is OwnCloud/NextCloud but I haven't used them. I only saw the plugin for them in a list.

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I appreciate the suggestion. It seems like a sparse field of competition from what I've seen on my own, I figured I'd ask Voat in case there were any options I've missed. I'm waiting for ProtonMail to implement their calendar feature (supposed to be by the end of the year).