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White people.

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I came here to drop some snark and you did it in two words. Bravo.

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Right. This is why I like Voat so much. I came here prepared to lay down about three paragraphs of detailed world political structure and predictions. And someone else summed it up in two words. I see this happen probably twice a week.

EDIT: voice to text fucked me and made my comment look retarded. im sorry. I have re edited it to make sense.

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Sometimes the most satisfying feeling is hitting that nail just right and getting a flush finish.

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Yeah, I'm a little amazed by the response to that little comment.

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ago 1000 years dey beez livins uh breed a inbred snow monkeys dat iz causin us all da problums in our hoods an sheeit

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Seriously speaking, the next most affluent that aren't the Jews. So, probably the Chinese/Asians.

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Probably true.. I think the whites are being targetted by the jews for extermination because the jews don't like high-IQ races figuring out what schemes the jews are cooking up.. The lower IQ a population is, the easier it is to brainwash and control..

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But Whites have the highest i.q.s...

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Why aren't they going after the Chinese now? Every one of my classes, from elementary to post-secondary, the top students were always Chinese descent, either born to Chinese parents or an actual Chinese immigrant. The Chinese blow white people out of the water when it comes to a lot in the STEM fields. And wouldn't (((they))) be upset the Chinese are taking over the properties and shit in North America (e.g. Toronto and Vancouver)? Although now that I think about it, they're probably paying Jewish bankers/realtors...

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But they do go after East Asians. They are penalized with point deductions in SATs and they have to meet higher standards to get into university compared to niggers and spics.

Also, Japan is routinely attacked by the (((UN))) and other such global parasites demanding it submit it's artistic output to Jews so they can defile and disgrace it as they have done in the Wests.

The difference here is that neither China nor Japan give a shit.

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Truth is they're working on it now, pushing for diversity in leadership in Chinese corporations, and (likely) the drastic westernization of current generations. Speaking in terms of China rather than Chinese immigrants of course, but it hardly seems like a real difficulty for the banks to manufacture a housing crisis re: buying homes.

At any rate China is a harder nut to crack in many ways, and there's no need to spoil things by going all in on both fronts.

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Because even if they have high grade, theu actually arent that smart. They just study all day and memorize answers like retards. Thru cannot think l for themselves and go by the life motto of "we do it because thats the way other people do it". They are like niggers, they like shinny things. Only difference is that they are low test pussies so they arsnt aggressive and focus on knowledge.

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The Jews are White, they know they will be next in line for the chopping block in said Scenerio.

The real reason the heart of the Save white people movement went against the Jews, is not to go against them, but to Wake them up and let them see that what they think they are destroying, Themselves in the process if they continue down this path.

the NWO, the religeon... Picture all churches with people of color, who are known to lack empethy, creativity and the will to work.... You see where im going with this?

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Jews don't consider themselves white. Try dating a jewish girl.

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Most jews are white and considered white by virtually all humans. The only people that don't consider jews white are far-right white people.

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And Jews.

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White people aren't going extinct, they could get us down to a population of 10 million and we'd still be able to kill the entire rest of the world

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once in our history, the world-wide population of human beings skidded so sharply we were down to roughly a thousand reproductive adults. One study says we hit as low as 40.

Forty? Come on, that can't be right. Well, the technical term is 40 "breeding pairs" (children not included). More likely there was a drastic dip and then 5,000 to 10,000 bedraggled Homo sapiens struggled together in pitiful little clumps hunting and gathering for thousands of years until, in the late Stone Age, we humans began to recover. But for a time there, says science writer Sam Kean, "We damn near went extinct.

we are ok also we seem to be the only ones that want to leave the earth and im sure we can get a few thousand on mars

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NPR is pretty good when they'e not covering politics.

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We probably should start killing the rest of the world now. We'll have to start with white communists though. A few of those down and the rest will shut up.

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white communists

misspelled "jews"

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Always clean your own house first.

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I think we are better off waiting for more white people to get on the same page, rather than wasting so many lives killing each other.

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they will be too busy eating each other because the agricultural surpluses and technological advances that white people created will be gone. there wont be any internet or social media to complain about first world problems upon. there wont be anymore first world problems, period. there wont be any clean water nor safe communities of hard working people minding their own business, while maintaining the backbone of society and civilization. there will only be violence, rape, murder, desperation, deprivation, loathing, more rape, better organized rape, on and on until enough good people band together and slaughter enough scum of the earth shit brained feeders to create another civilization. it will probably take hundreds if not thousands of years for a another great civilization comes along.

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The lightest skin ones like they already do when there are no white people around.

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A million times this. It is very little known that black people are extremely racist against other blacks based on 'relative blackness'.

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Whichever is the smartest race will be vilified by the (((minorities))).

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Jews like to pretend they're white, but how are they going to pretend they're Asian?

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Are you saying that groids can't tell jewish nose from goyim nose?

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They'll still blame us, but the joke will be on them. Without us they'll last about 3 months on their own.

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They'll last much longer, but nothing new will be created and there will be no one to beg for shit from. It won't be pretty, but they'll linger.

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They'll just de-evolve back into the primitive tribes they were when we found them.

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Probably asians. But its fine cuz asians won't pussy foot around the jew issue. (i.e. look what happend to tibet)

its already starting.

edit: added sentence.

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