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The unchanged mail truck that the USPS uses and which first hit the roads in the 50s have a design life of 1 million miles. They routinely make it to 2.5 million or more. Why? Because everything is over built, made of steel and simple.


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Cars that aren't full of useless shit that drive the price up.

Not just useless, but cheap too. You're paying more money for plastics and cheap materials. On top of that the lifetime of a current vehicle is not a million miles like the 70s. At best you'll get 150K miles, 200K max. Everything today is built to break


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The lifetime of vehicles in the 70s was not a million miles. Most limp to 100k


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Maybe if you buy GM trash. I've had 2 cars in the last 20 years. A Subaru Legacy and an Audi A4. Well over 400k miles and still going up. My wife on the other hand had a $60k GMC Yukon that barely made it 100k and was only 6 years old before it literally went to the scrap yard. That giant piece of shit was in the shop twice a year, every year usually to the tune of $600 - $800 a pop. That's not even counting brakes which that thing chewed up once a year or so.


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That's exactly what I want. Why is it that you can buy a new car for around $7k USD in places like Europe and Mexico but our cheapest one is $12k. Also, full sized trucks are at least $25k.


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Mexican autos can lack crumple zones, airbags, and a few other pricey but worthwhile features.


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