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Seen it? Ha! I live it every single day. That's just my normal commute. It was even worse for a couple months earlier in the year, because some crackheads burned a bridge down on a main artery into town. I'm glad they got that fixed, because now everything is back to normal, moving through the downtown connector at a brisk 15mph.


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I also dealt with the madness that was the interstate collapse. I get off of that exit every day for work. Had to go through midtown for a month to get around, adding about 30 minutes each way. And no, the city we're talking about has horrible public transportation that you only take if you want to get mugged in the name of BLM. Commuting an hour and a half each day, 3 back and forth, going 15 the whole way. Yep, it's a fucking nightmare, specially when the city wasn't designed for the amount of traffic that it now hosts each day. I'd say even LA traffic, as horrifying as it is known to be, is nowhere near as bad as it is here, given the distances one must travel to live anywhere near appealing.