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Retards on FB are calling for tanks to suppress the nazis with pics of tanks at ferguson.

It's like they don't remember what actually happened.

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Because niggers and the government aren't afraid of us. Niggers get away with the shit that they do because whenever anybody thinks they are going to chimp out the implication of the violence and destruction that they will inflict on their immediate area is enormous and a cat 4 nationwide chimpout is a nightmare the government doesn't want to live through. So the government tries to placate the niggers and just let them chimp out little by little thinking it will ease the nigger hostility to a manageable level and scale.

They have been doing this for years. The OJ verdict was planned. Only 2 years after the LA riots they couldn't afford to have LA burn the fuck down again. I think this is where this slow burn nigger management tactic came from.

This strategy has only emboldened the niggers. Over the past 25/30 years they have tested our limits time after time. Every time whitey backs the fuck down. Simultaneously they have ramped up our demographic replacement so year by year our potential effectiveness gets watered down more and more.

That brings us to where we are at now. They say fuck you to our faces. We have Jews publicly talking about genociding us in our own countries, niggers and muslims telling us that they are going to fuck our daughters in front of us. National magazines publish front page article about how we don't control shit and how we should just go ahead and kill our fucking children.

It's gone so far passed them not being afraid of us that they don't even pretend to respect us. They have taken our guns in many places, stripped us of the right to discipline our children and turned many of them into fags, they have even turned our women against us.

The only way to get the government the niggers our women and our kids to ever respect us again is to have an event. An event where White Men stand together as one and make them remember who the fucking master is. We would have to put everything on the line as masters of the planet and bring this bitch to it's fucking knees. I'm talking total war. A real war where if you aren't with us we kill your ass. Where gas stations are dry planes don't fly ships don't transport cargo ect. We built all that fucking shit and in the end we could give it to the niggers and muds or burn this motherfucker down on our way out.

We need to murder anybody who disagrees in mass without apology. Fuck killing niggers the level I'm talking about would reduce africa to one last fucking tribe that we can mull over keeping in a zoo but in the end kill anyway because why risk it. If white people want to survive on this planet with the level of respect that our people have earned we need to do something biblical. So that in 500 years from now when some space Kike gets the dumb ass idea of trying to pull a fraction of the shit they pull now the fear of the white man will run up his spine and slap him in the face like the bitch he is because the horrors of what we did will be imprinted in their genetic code.

I'm old and I hope I can see it kick off. But if Europe is any indicator of our future the chances of that actually happening are pretty fucking low. Shit even men are getting rapped over there now. The clock is ticking. There is going to be a huge world war it's not if it's when. I think TPTB know this which is why they have been bringing armies behind our lines. When you see those niggers running up the beach in spain does that look like fucking migration to you? Wale the fuck up white people the fucking war is already happening we just aren't shooting yet.

The question is how pathetic are we going to have to get before we actually do something that will make people worry about offending us?

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We need to murder anybody who disagrees in mass without apology.

Easy there Stalin!

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This is exactly why we are doomed. So many share your "Whatever you do, don't dare fight back..." viewpoint that Im seriously beginning to believe that we deserve it.

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You need to fight to win.

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People like you are the reason we are losing. Spineless cowards who are afraid to fight.

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steady on now... i like being able to look at 'antifa' and know theyre the actual fucking facists.

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Just shoot the rioting niggers. I don't see any problem here.

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So the answer is that we get more violent and make them afraid of us?

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when some space Kike gets the dumb ass idea of trying to pull a fraction of the shit they pull now the fear of the white man will run up his spine and slap him in the face like the bitch he is because the horrors of what we did will be imprinted in their genetic code.

fuck. yes.

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listen goy, why wouldn't the cops shut down a white goy meeting? They work for their masters, after all.

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It's not part of the plan. When white people assemble together it put's the Jews agenda at risk. All Federal, State and most local Governments are beholden to Jews. They want our daughters fucking niggers while we sit on the couch watching CNN, not getting together talking of way's to eradicate them off the face of the planet. I want to know why white police officers are blatantly helping this happen. They can't actually enjoy helping their own kind get attacked by niggers while the city's they work in get destroyed by those same niggers. There's some real brainwashing going on in those police departments. They must be using the Delphi Technique on them at meetings they go too because this shit makes no sense.

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Considering all the police officers shot by those fucks and the violence they always bring it's highly suspicious that any police support them. Antifa are well connected with the rich liberal political class, so they probably know before they show up that the rich liberal political class own the police in that city, othetwise, I wonder if they'd even show up.

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The organizers of the march should sue the Governor for infringing on their right to peacefully assemble.

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1) cops are absolutely terrified to be called racist.

2) cops have no fear of whites.

3) the agenda is to destroy white European culture.

4) whites are being slaughtered now and the plutocrats have tacitly encouraged a war against us.

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Step five?

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The government is afraid of organized white people. Blacks tear things up. But when white people get around to being upset and organized, governments fall.

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