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depends why they're being banned.

If they're being banned for being non-conservative and not for another reason then I'd stop seeing voat as a bastion of free speech, my major reason for being here would have evaporated away and I'd probably stop coming around so often.

If they're being banned for actual rule breaches, and then holding up their political status as if it is some kind of shield "you can't ban me i'm librul" then it would make no difference at all to me, I've already lived thru best part of 2 decades of "my spam is magically not spam because insert-contrived-mental-gymnastics-here", so I'm used to neer-do-wells lying their asses off to try and excuse their inability to follow a simple and non-intrusive set of basic rules.


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Your question is stupid, it presumes that voat as a whole would start banning individual accounts because of their political opinions.

The only accounts banned by @puttitout are spammers and alts account used for brigading.

You should have asked this instead:

Would any of you leave if subverses started banning non-conservatives?

Beside the system ones, subverses' owners can do what they want as long as they follow voat's FAQ and guidelines.

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Gah, my wife asks "Hypothetical" questions all the freaking time.


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Doesn't make it any less stupid and biased.

You presumed that puttitout alone would suddenly, and for no reason, decide to ban people according to their political views.