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For anyone (like me) who doesn't know what SRS is: ShitRedditSays


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Thanks! I was wondering about that acronym. To be honest, I am totally not familiar with all the social justice gamer-gate fph whatever lingo. I wonder how many people here are actually involved in those kind of circle-jerks, how many don't care and how many think it is all pedantic whining. I was in the don't care camp but now I hear more about it I am actively starting to hate those whole discussions.


[–] nigganaut ago 

Most people here are familiar with the term (at least, the majority was pre-mass exodus, as we have been talking about them on the mainpage quite a bit). This is because it's been the SRS super mods that have been causing the decline of Reddit for quite some time now. They are the ones shadow banning the masses of people from the big subs. Basically, if you don't agree with their extremist views, you are effectively silenced on Reddit. They comprise the group that's actually happy to have an SJW CEO because she is implementing what they behold to be their own values.