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This is completely asinine.

"Here Victoria, have a modship. It's something you never asked for and you don't get paid for being one yet you need to be active in your freetime! You can have the powers to edit and control this subverse! Did I mention you still have to find another job?"

Why is this even a discussion? This is a random person who we only know through iAmA at reddit. It sucks that she lost her job but why are we trying to assign her something she didn't even ask for? Leave the modship to people who actually want it and who can actually improve the subverse.


[–] itscirony 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

While I don't think modship is appropriate (for all the above). If she was good at her job, then I think it's a good incentive to hire her for a similar role. Maybe not iama specific, but something specific to community involvement.

That said if Voat can't afford to keep their servers up I doubt they can afford to hire a new employee.