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Been getting the "heavy load" message on and off since last night.

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I have been getting it for a few days now but not as often as today.

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I was getting that, and then just now I got a weird error. If I get it again I'll screenshot.

Where do we meet up if shit goes down? Temporary meeting place. Do we spread to the corners of the web to try and communicate? 4chan/reddit/so on.

phuks.co is an option. Idk how many goats go there. We should have a meeting place.

Edit: it happened again https://imgoat.com/uploads/364d3f0f49/31356.PNG

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“A blockchain is a magic computer that anyone can upload programs to and leave the programs to self-execute, where the current and all previous states of every program are always publicly visible, and which carries a very strong crypto economically secured guarantee that programs running on the chain will continue to execute in exactly the way that the blockchain protocol specifies.” — Vitalik Buterin

Could be a WIRUS!

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Open wide

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Fuck off. Stop telling people to go to ✡gabbai✡.

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fuck now i have to delete my (((gabbai))) account

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Do you think that was named intentionally? Also was that an anonymous comment in a non-anon thread?

Edit: Hey are there random anon comments ask like a voat bug? Mine is anonymous and I didn't try. I see others that are non-anon responding to anons.

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The money for hosting is running out. How about we come out as trans and run a gofraudme to support this site?

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Thats not how hosting works...

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But it is how fund raising works...

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or maybe not make every single sub flooded with racist / anti-gay - anti-jew - conspiracy shit ? . . . advertisers won't touch this site with a barge pole because it's seen as stormfront 2.0. Having subs with that content is fine, but when it's blanket over the entire site... good luck ever getting sponsored or ad revenue.

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The goyim cannot know. They cannot be allowed to unite against the Jews.

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Sorry, I stepped on a cable.

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sorry i laid that beastie

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Check the link above, very interesting thread on /pol/, possible dead man's switch.

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Russian hackers!

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Those scamps.

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Especially the one called 4chan.

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Probably butt hurt jews who cant stand to see the goyim talking freely

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I've certainly noticed lots of 'heavy load' errors, it's gotten really annoying, the site was virtually unusable for most of the morning.

The thing is, the traffic around here seems sparser than normal, so I don't get what's bogging us down.

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Correct, thats why i said it is probably a DDoS attack

To make things more interesting, today is 7/17/17 or 7/7/7, dem symbolic and shit.

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