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Of course, sharia law is unconstitutional.

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Goddamn dude were you raped by a Jew or is your hatred simply stemming from being well informed?


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The problem is not really Sharia, it is Islam. When and if these fuckers become a majority (and they will sooner or later because they give birth to many more children than we do) the law will change accordingly with their wishes, Sharia included.

What we have to do is stop Islam from spreading now, before it becomes too late to act and before it will require a huge effort to do it. So we don't have to demand to ban Sharia, that's already illegal anyways, we have to demand to ban Islam altogether. This will stop this violent ideology from spreading. If you want to stay in Europe or USA you simply cannot be a muslim. Do you like to stay here? Then you have to chose between staying here and being a muslim. Your choice.


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Very true. We have on one hand the historic example of the expelling of Islam and jews from Spain back in 1492, and the result of the failure to do so in the Balkans on the other.

Do we want to remain a free country? Or do we want religious cleansing to wipe out non-muslims in the not-so-far future?


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While I agree that Islam as practiced today is a dangerous ideology, banning it outright is also unconstitutional. Every American citizen, regardless of faith, has the right to practice their religion freely. Our founders wisely realized that, if we wanted the church to stay out of the government, the government also had to stay out of the church. Banning Islam would violate church-state separation.

A better approach would be to enact secular laws that target the violent, discriminatory behavior of Muslims. Maybe add a component that amplifies punishment for crimes committed in the name of religion. It's not unprecedented; we already distinguish between assault and sexual assault. A "religious violence" law would also affect radical Christian cults like Mormonism. It's long overdue in this country, IMHO.


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Sharia is Wahhabism which is what Saudi Arabia is. Shiite is much less violent, still crazy and Islamic, but less stonings and beheading. Its more like fundamental Christianity in that they're assholes and make noise, but typically don't hurt anyone.


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