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. A positive feedback loop then commenced, with each floor failing more quickly than the last due to the increasing stress put on them. Finally, the stress was too much for the building, and the entire structure failed.

What bunch of malarkey. Positive feedback loop? lol Each floor should have subsequently slowed down the initial collapse as the kinetic energy is dissipated with each collapse past the impact zone and fires. Buildings are designed to stand, not fall.


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It is actually called the collapsing principal. It is how martial artist break a bunch of bricks so long as there are spacers between them.


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Except that's not how it happened. The force of inertia, even for expert Karate choppers, doesn't always break all the bricks. Many times you will see them break only half of them and not the last. This is because the force is being pushed back by the next brick. Newton's 3rd law. The pancake theory relies on the weight of each subsequent floor adding to the inertia. If you apply the same theory to karate chops, then the final brick at the bottom should almost always be broken. But this is never the case 100%. To top it off, the karate chop must be precisely dead center else all fail.

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Ah thank you for your wisdom and insight. Not. Perhaps you should watch the towers fall again. All that concrete dust is the expended energy pulverizing each floor. Where's the weight of two floors when they've been pounded into dust? You're not witnessing floors pancaking on each other, you're witnessing a massive explosion ejecting debris laterally. To claim the floors are falling on each other is pure fantasy bucko.

eta: your scenario would still add resistance for each floor, To suggest each floor could fall on the other with no resistance is beyond crazy.Even 1 second of resistance x 110 floors is 110 seconds. The towers fell at near free fall speed, accelerating not decelerating.


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How is it wrong? F=ma