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Let me preface this with the statement that I do not want to argue any particular side on this, because I see issues from both sides in the complete stories being told. That being said the whole steel beam discussion is not one of the issues with the discussion. Unless they were built with the same construction methods, you are comparing two different things. The flaw that caused the failure (according to the official description) was with how each floor attached to the outer structure. The relatively small amount of metal that held up the floors was much more sensitive to loss of rigidity at this connection point. If the apartment building did not have this same floor attachment mechanism then it is not a valid comparison. Now if you want to somehow fly a drone into the structure and show that there is zero warpage in every single steel beam in that entire structure, then you may have the start of an argument. Unfortunately we have several examples where fires under bridges have warped steel.

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The point I think he's making is that there are too many non-matching variables with each building that preclude a forgone conclusion in any direction. Which is accurate from a scientific pov.

As he stated:

I do not want to argue any particular side on this

Unless they were built with the same construction methods

Most likely not, therefore direct comparisons between the two are inherently flawed.


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I am not arguing tower 7. I do not want to change anyone's mind. I am simply trying to help with good or bad choices in arguing this one point. That being said the most damning thing in all of this is the lack of Jewish casualties. This should be the path that needs to be followed.