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One of the most memorable dreams for myself was when I was being chased by someone. At first I was scared but soon realized it was only a dream. I found a spot to hide quick and immediately began focusing my thoughts to get out of the dream. This is something I can normally do. It seemed like it worked except it sort of didn't. I opened my eyes in real life and was looking at the ceiling but I was in sleep paralysis. I could still hear and feel everything it the dream despite not seeing any of it. I couldn't control myself in the dream. It was like I left the body of the dream but could still feel and hear what it was experiencing. The person chasing me was getting closer and closer and I'm freaking out in my mind because I can't do anything. The person chasing found me. They walked up to me and whispered in my ear "you can run but you can't hide". I then snapped out of the sleep paralysis. It was so weird how I was in this in between state of dreaming and being awake.


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Sounds like Scary Terry bitch.