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Weird as fuck.

No...not at all. Google puts you into "bubbles" with like minded people and only serves you content you might like. Videos, images, sites or comments that are disliked by people they group you with will not be shown to you. They use this for advertising revenue to target groups of people who have sets of interests or beliefs.

They can play both sides of an argument and advertise to both sides at the same time using these tactics.

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See, this right here makes perfect sense to me.

You have admit though, it's pretty ingenious how their system knows, which comments need to be cherry picked that go with your own mindset. I guess their deepmind AI is paying off quite a bit. Kudos to that.

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They learned form Tay, they saw how fast you can work over a person.

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Do you use chrome? Nothing you do incognito is incognito to Google there. You will have sessions that magically persist between incognito Windows, and non incognito Windows. Seriously. Try it out.

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Uff, these corporate fucks. Stop trying to give me a safespace, I am not a fucking liberal.

This development is just sad. And extremely destructive.

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Easy to replicate. Pop open 2 browsers logged into two different Google accounts and check out some comments on videos. Nothing to it.

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I haven't noticed it because I only log in once every few months to upvote/downvote something extrodinary.

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I block youtube cookies. It

  1. Stops youtube from trying to associate google, gmail, youtuve, etc information (names, logins, search history)

  2. Stops comments from appearing.

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I use ublock to block the comments section. I'm not some paranoid fuck that thinks Trump is building a DNA sample from me by my youtube browsing history, but the comments are pure cancer and sometimes they're so retarded I nearly have a stroke trying to read them.

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'> 2017

'> still using gooogle

pick one

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Why not both?

This isn't the right time to say that, is it?

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An advertising platform will show you what you want to watch based on which account you're logged into and the history with that account. SHOCKING!!!!1

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That's nothing! Try opening a video you want to watch in one window, and in another a video you don't want to watch. If you look closely, you'll find that the first window is showing different things than the second. Google is filtering content to your "bubble" in the first window, hiding things you aren't interested in. They need to just show the same things to everyone, basically like having only one TV station so everyone is watching the same thing at the same time and no individualized selectivity.


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TIL targeted advertising is an evil tool meant to divide us and we totally wouldn't bitch if we were seeing videos we had absolutely no interest in watching even though we already do that WITH targeted videos, there's no way it would be worse.


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I think its less about the targeted ads themselves and more about how they do it. To get that information about you they need to monitor personal information to the point that they have a rough image of what kind of a person you are. Personally i will never trust companies with such a burning desire to know everything about you

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Echo chambers, it goes both ways

That's how they also fell from the roof top when trump won

They believed, and still believe in their own narrative/propaganda by being fed 24/7 with it, they ended up completely disconnected from alternative view points


It's not something we're immune to nor that we can't take advantage of, obviously


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I wouldn't see it as some grand conspiracy. With the sheer volume of comments that get posted on a YouTube video practically instantly it would make sense to shuffle them around. Otherwise you may as well just allow 50 comments and shut it off since all new comments would instantly be flung to the back and buried for eternity. I've noticed that when I post a comment, even if it's pretty late in the game, it still gets decent visibility.

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I wouldn't see it as some grand conspiracy.

Not at all. I just thought it's weird.

With the sheer volume of comments that get posted on a YouTube video practically instantly it would make sense to shuffle them around.

I thought the exact same, so I kept reloading both browsers at the same time and there's always a glaring difference.

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